Marc Jarrod – To Bi or Not to Bi

Author: Marc Jarrod
Reviewer: Sean
Publisher: Extasy Books
Genre: M/M Erotic Romance
ISBN 13: 9781771113670

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 


Will Crown loves to watch gay videos but swears he isn’t gay…but is he?

They say we all have gay feelings deep inside, but for most of us those feelings never surface. Will Crown, amateur stage actor, is about to put that theory to the supreme test with the help of good friend and fellow actor, Adam Jester, who harbors his own secret—he’s in love with Will.

Whether it’s timing or simply an inevitable turn of events, the two men expose and act on their dark secrets knowing their lives will never be the same. Can Will embrace his newfound sexuality or regret his decision—and, will he reciprocate his roommate’s love?

Review:   First of all, I have to say this before I start an actual review of the book. The cover, my god, was the most horrible I’ve ever seen on a book. Neither of the characters were the same in the book as they look on the cover. Okay, that’s out of my way.

When I saw the title, I thought I would be reading a main character that was confused whether he likes women or men. It turned out it was just Will’s confusion as to which person he’d prefer to be with. After all, describing a bisexual character had always been tough and sensitive topic to discuss. In my own opinion, I don’t think Will was actually bi because he when he was going to have sex with a woman he couldn’t get excited unless he was thinking about a guy in his head. I’ve been in the same boat as Will when I was just about to come out of the closet. The story concept wasn’t that bad. It just wasn’t what I’d expected. Would I remember the story in the next few days? I probably wouldn’t.

As for secondary character, Adam, he was a likable character but the way he treated Will wasn’t cool. It seemed he was making Will more confused with his own identity. I do understand Adam had been in love with Will for as long as he could remember. But having sex with other people openly and inviting Will to join him didn’t make any sense. After that scene, I lost my “like” for Adam. I thought the characters needed to be stronger and likable.

Overall, it was an okay read but I most certainly didn’t consider him a bisexual character.




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