Mell Eight – Cleanly Wrong (Bestiary)

cleanly wrong


Author: Mell Eight
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Less Than Three
Genre: M/M Fantasy
ISBN 13:   9781620040508

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary:  Rung is a half-breed orphan brownie who can’t do anything right, much to the worry of his cleanliness teachers. When he runs away, Rung decides that he can resist the need to clean. Only, there is that one office that so desperately needs help… 

Review: This story is a sweet little fairy tale type, cute and funny.  Ladder Rung is (probably) half-human and so he looks a little different than the other brownies.  He is in the orphanage and continually fails his cleaning exams due to his insistence on cleaning “wrong”.  He is picked on and bullied, called Wrong even by his teachers.   He is an abused brownie and it made me sad.  When another brownie, Sewing Needle, one of the biggest bullies around, informs Rung that he will most likely be killed due to his inability to clean properly, Needle helps Rung run away.

Rung heads to the castle, even though the Prince has issued an edict of No More Brownies!  They clean him to distraction and he loses everything.  He’s a slob, honestly.  Rung makes a difference at the castle, but there are forces who don’t want him to be successful.   Rung is a wonderful character who wants himself safe but also wants to improve and help.  I loved the idea of the thank you, “cold shivers running up his spine told him he was about to be thanked”.  Poor Rung.

There isn’t a real romance in this story, just some tender moments and one lovely kiss.  Made me smile.




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