Mickey Corrigan – Me Go Mango

me go

Author: Mickey J. Corrigan
Reviewed by: 
Publisher: Champagne Books
M/F Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781771550

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Erin Monahan reformed her bad girl ways, only to discover the good girl act can’t save her marriage. Now the novelist-turned-perfect-wife is hiding out in a love hotel with a bottle of two buck chuck, devolving into a drinker with a writing problem. Recognizing the slide down the slippery slope of bad-to-worse, she calls for reinforcements. Her college friends organize a weekend reunion in small town Vermont.

Ellen has money. She also has secrets. Maggie wants to leave her marriage to track down the baby she gave up for adoption. Sandy’s sick of men; she’s having a go with her paralegal. Erin doesn’t feel so alone in her mid-life confusion.

When Ellen proposes a business venture, a retreat for middle-aged bad girls, Erin thinks she’s crazy. Then Erin meets Roberto, a hot Cuban chef. Soon she decides she doesn’t want the mango to end.

Neither does anyone else.


Man, it figures. Just when I am a couple days of turning the big 4-0 and headed deeper down into the black hole of my own midlife crisis, Me Go Tango is passed along and I am sucked into the novella’s tale about four former college friends, all 50+ who are drowning their sorrows in booze and complaining about their ages and the dipshit men in their lives. My own crisis aside, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed Me Go Mango. Hell, the title itself, is fun to say! Me go on:

The story itself is told primarily from Erin Monahan’s point of view, self-proclaimed slut and semi-successful novelist from Florida. When “Me Go” opens she is drunk and crying over the bastard of a husband who left her three weeks previously. Idiot face. She didn’t need him. But I digress. Her three buddies, Sandy, Maggie, and Ellen, crack wise and try to comfort her, all the while bitching at each other for their own shortcomings and not too successful marriages.

I thought I was going to dislike this outing from Ms. Corrigan. I enjoyed her previous book Professional Grievers so much, and “Me Go”  I thought would be about old biddies who gossip and cry to each other, but I was surprised. Erin’s voice, and her and Sandy’s characters carry the story and make it funny and interesting. Each woman has her own issues and secrets to contend with. Sandy drinks too much. Maggie is a skinny health freak with a controlling husband (another idiot face), and Ellen is rich and snooty and bosses the other women around. I wanted to slap her. I really did.

I won’t say anything else. The story unfolds quickly and it gets more interesting when our heroine Erin, meets up with hunky chef Roberto. Oooo la la.!!! The scenes with these two are the best. These fornicating bunnies do it with middle-aged glee and utter unrepentance. I had to laugh at Roberto’s ‘lovetarian’ comment and the Peter, Paul, and Mary reference made by Erin. Ms.Corrigan has a way with dialogue. Very witty. I loved these two and if I have one criticism of Me Go Mango, it would be that Roberto was under used. There wasn’t enough scenes with him in it. Plus, he wasn’t the annoying alpha-male jerk that is so prevalent in romance books. He was a decent dude. Who could cook!! Oh yeah, before I forget, sprinkled throughout the novella are recipes for mango flavored drinks and treats. Oh my God, the flan made me hungry. I could slather my own cabana boy with that and have fun lickin it off. Again, I digress. This old lady has fallen into fantasy-land. Comes with age. Thinking about cute cabana boys and flan. Sigh.

Read Me Go Mango. It is a breezy, fun read. The ladies secrets and stories come to a satisfying end. It is light and groovy and perfect for a hot tropical day.

Meanwhile, me go bananas and will pour myself a nice bottle of cherry wine and daydream about a twenty-something dude, named Philipe, who’ll rub my feet and feed me kiwi.  Ooops…I don’t think the hubby would like that too much. heeheehee. Oh, well. Just an old lady reverie. It happens when you turn 40.




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