Missouri Dalton – Happy Halloween

Author: Missouri Dalton
Reviewed by: Aggie
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:   NA

Rating: ★★★★★ 

A boy can never be too safe when hustling in a big city like Chicago. Young Jack Winchester has a pretty good eye and instincts when it comes to picking out the dangerous men from a group of potential johns. In addition, when working the club, Maraschino, should he need assistance, his big, bad drag queen bouncer friend, Darla, is ready to kick ass and take names, all in order to protect him and others in the club.

One Halloween night, Jack, who has gypsy blood running through his veins, and is pretty weary of the monsters of the night, is propositioned by a multo, one of the walking dead. He flatly turns the vampire down and doing so another young man almost loses his life.

Happy Halloween is a very short story so I cannot give any other details away. Readers who are familiar with Ms. Dalton’s other books, The Hanged Man’s Ghost and The Night Shift will know that Jack is Fynn Adder’s lover and fellow cop and his history has never really been explored. So I am glad that Ms. Dalton gives readers a sneak peek into Jack’s background with this story of his life before he joined the force.

It is well written, with a good beginning, middle, and end. And it’s never boring. Jack is a friendly guy just trying to survive on the streets after escaping a bad situation at home, which in itself is unusual.

Happy Halloween is a stand alone story, but I do recommend that one reads Ms. Dalton’s previous two books just to get an understanding of where Jack is as a cop and as a lover of one. Plus, the books are just good fun and very entertaining.


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