Ellis Carrington – Immortal Valentine

Author: Ellis Carrington
Reviewed by: Cat
Publisher: Amber Allure
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781611242461

After a heart-pounding brush with danger on Valentine’s Day, Caleb runs into a handsome stranger and decides to roll the dice on a one-night stand. But things don’t work out the way anyone intended when Caleb gets sick unexpectedly. He wakes up alone the next day, extremely confused and utterly embarrassed.
Angelo is an insomniac vampire who leads a solitary existence. He comes out of hiding once a year—on … Continue reading

Jack Greene – Divine

Author: Jack Greene
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Phaze
Genre: M/M Sci-fi
ISBN 13: 9781606596623

Mr. Greene has put a new, fun spin on the old story of Zeus and Ganymede in this short story. The story takes place on modern day Earth where Ganymede is a rock star. He’s very unhappy because his manager, Henry, wants him to stay in the closet so that his music will sell. Zeus is the commander of a space ship who is trying to work his way up the … Continue reading

A Crack In Time By Lee James

Author: Lee James
Reviewed by: Aggie
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM Bittersweet
ISBN 13: 9781613724149

Ahhhh……..1970. The music. The doobies. The disastrous fashion statement that were bell bottoms. Smiley faces and peace symbols everywhere. The tragedies of Kent State and Vietnam.
And a young gay man’s first sexual experience and love affair.
It is during this unstable era that Micha Dahl, (now an older business man), grows into manhood and his sexuality, in a do-nothing, small Montana town, while going to school and … Continue reading

Sue Brown – Complete Faith (Morning Report 2)

Author: Sue Brown
Reviewed by: Cat
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Romance
ISBN 13: 9781613724767

For Tommy Bradley, a hand working on the Lost Cow Ranch in rural Texas, admitting his sexuality is impossible, even if his bosses, Luke and Simon, are gay—Tommy has spent his entire life hiding the truth from his homophobic parents. Then Tommy meets pastor Noah Taylor in Luke’s father’s hospital room, and his difficult secret becomes that much harder to keep.

Noah is unlike any man of God—or any man—Tommy’s … Continue reading

Edward Kendrick – Abstract Realism

Author: Edward Kendrick
Reviewed by
: Tana
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Romance & Suspense
ISBN 13: 9781920502515

Edward Kendrick has written a short novella called Abstract Realism, it is well written, the plot and character description’s are good the story flows so well you don’t stop reading till you reach the end.

Abstract Realism is a story of a man named Tonio who was brutally attacked one night and is living in fear. Tonio not only hides the scars from that horrible night but … Continue reading

Lee Benoit – Full Frontal

Author: Lee Benoit
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M BDSM

This is another scene in the story of Preston and his boy, Paulo. Paulo loves his Master, and he is loved in return. In the two years they have been together Paulo has never once used his safe word. Until today. Preston doesn’t even know what the matter is, and it is difficult for Paulo to tell him. Eventually, he does. Master and boy work together to get … Continue reading

J. Tomas – His Biggest Fan

Author: J. Tomas
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: QueerTeen Press
Genre: M/M Young Adult

This is a very short story that really captures the fanboy aspects of being almost 15.  Ross is a huge Viral Blue fan, particularly the lead singer, Adam Blue.  Ross is just entranced, crushing and obsessed.  To the point that he doesn’t even see that his best friend loves him.  The story is told in first person point of view of Ross’ BFF, who’s name isn’t mentioned.

He wants Ross … Continue reading

Steven Kerry – The Leftovers

Author: Steven Kerry
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:  9781611522921

The leftovers are a group of older gay men who meet for a support group at the local GLBTQ center.  They are an ornery bunch, funny and sarcastic.  The moderator for this first session doesn’t arrive, and they are instructed to answer a list of questions amongst themselves.  They are doing this, albeit not always seriously, when a young man comes in, bruised, bloodied and sad.

This is more of a … Continue reading

Anne Brooke – Where You Hurt the Most (Rent Boy)

Author: Anne Brooke
Reviewed by: Cat
Publisher: Riptide
Genre: M/M Romance
ISBN 13: 9781937551360

Adrian is more than happy as high-class escort for a number of regular clients. When his boss and dear friend asks him to entertain his nephew, Adrian readily agrees, but meeting Dan challenges him in ways he’d never imagined.

Dan is scarred inside and out from an accident that destroyed a promising future. Despite Adrian’s loveless lifestyle and Dan’s withdrawal and anger, the two men forge a deep—if unnerving—connection. Soon they … Continue reading

Cheyenne Blue – Dublin Buy and Sell

Author:  Cheyenne Blue
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Genre: F/F Contemporary
ISBN 13:  9781611522945

Poor Francis.  She has been pining for a lover who left her for a younger woman for the past two years.  She hasn’t dated, hasn’t gone out, just stayed home and missed her lost girlfriend.  A good friend, Nora, gives her an ultimatum – find a date or go clubbing.  Francis doesn’t want to do either one.  She wants to mope with her cat.  Instead, she finds an advertisement in the … Continue reading