Rebecca Cohen – Forever Hold His Peace (The Crofton Chronicles #3)

foreverAuthor: Rebecca Cohen
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM Historical

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Sebastian Hewel has never been happier. But his life playing the role of his twin sister Bronwyn, the wife of Anthony Redbourn, Earl of Crofton, is about to change. Rumors abound that Bronwyn is using witchcraft to enthrall her husband, and false evidence has been found. Practicing witchcraft is a crime that could have Bronwyn brought in for questioning by the sheriff, and that would reveal Sebastian and Anthony’s secret.

Together they must decide whether it is time to lay Bronwyn to rest. Anthony intends to ensure that whoever implicated Bronwyn pays for the treacherous deed. Whatever happens, Sebastian and Anthony must prepare to face an unknown future together

Review: This is the third in the series of Sebastian and Anthony. I have to admit – I did not read the second in the series so I am coming straight from the happy ending of the first book. Sebastian is younger than Anthony, the Earl, and a life on the stage portraying women has given him the skills necessary to play the wife of Anthony in the guise of his sister, Bronwyn.

They have been content and happy with life as it is until someone brings up witchcraft as the reason for Anthony’s devotion to his wife. The charge of witchcraft was a big one during this time and so Anthony and Sebastian are rightly concerned. Also, who is starting all the rumors? Evidence comes to light to “prove” the charges, which doesn’t look good for Bronwyn. Even as the real Bronwyn shows up, things go from bad to worse.
There is a mystery aspect of it, to figure out who is behind the rumors and why before things get too out of control. They must also protect Bronwyn, while keeping their wits. It’s difficult. In this story there is emphasis on the witchcraft plot more than the romance.

Anthony and Sebastian have to trust each other because there is so much they can’t trust in their world right now, and the “who” of it was appalling for them. I admit, the consequences were dastardly for the traitor and the very idea of hanging, drawing and quartering made me gag. Traitors were dealt with very thoroughly, to be sure.  I love historical settings but this is the hmmm part.

I thought Lady Sara aspect was a good one and hopeful for everyone involved. I have to say, the sappy romantic part of me loved the epilogue. Giving hope to someone young, carrying on the heart of Anthony and Sebastian, that made me smile. Well done, William.

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