Review: A.J. Llewellyn – Laid

2002534Author: A.J. Llewellyn
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Torquere
Genre: M/M Cops
ISBN: 9781944449513

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Summary:  Jack Cannon is an elite member of LAPD’s new Violent Crimes Unit. He’s tough, he’s smart…he’s also gay. Jack’s a guy who deals with pressure and stress by cruising. When he has a fling with a hot guy, one even hotter night in Los Angeles, it’s no casual coupling. This guy is great. Jack wouldn’t mind seeing him again except he’s discovered he’ll be seeing a lot of him. This is the guy he’s supposed to tail–Lucio Natale, the most violent mob boss ever to land in the city of angels.

Author’s note: This second edition has been re-edited and considerably expanded from the original version.
Previously published by Stiff Rain Press, June 11, 2014.

So this is weird. A lot of the reviews I read criticized that there is no plot, and warned readers that what they would get was solely porn… but I kinda felt the exact opposite. There was so much plot it was almost overwhelming for this length story. The blurb tells us that Jack is a cop, he has a sexy run in with Lucky and sparks fly, then uh oh he finds out Lucky is a criminal! But before Jack even meets Lucky we get a very detailed police raid and a ton of information about Jack’s police work, his team/co-workers, as well as what he does for fun.

Despite Jack and Lucky both claiming some unseen connection, they actually only have a few interactions. They fuck, and it’s somewhat hot. Then they have a date, despite Jack’s reservations. Then there’a blowjob. Then there’a another blowjob. That’s it until the HFN end. Not including two scenes of Jack with other people in the midst of this as he deals with his “feelings” for Lucky and learning about Lucky’s criminal history.

Not gonna lie, a was ready and willing to read some sexy cop on criminal porn. So I was a little disappointed. The actual sex scenes weren’t nearly as passionate as they should have been given that both these men claimed to be helplessly drawn towards each other. And I didn’t feel any chemistry to justify their claims of ‘love’, besides the fact that it did not fit the character to fall so quickly. And how can you really love someone if you don’t know them as a person?

Lastly, there’s a shitty twist that, to be completely honest, makes no sense whatsoever. NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE! Not terrible, but it shoulda just stuck to the porn and not tried to get all cray-cray with intense cop plot-lines.



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