Review: A.J. Rose – Soul Searching

Author: A.J. Rose
Reviewer: Toni
Publisher: The Grim Writer Press
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★½ 


Something lurks within the walls of the house Trevor Mathews and his best friend Merrick Taylor share. It watches them and their friends. It needs them. It knows their weaknesses.

Trevor’s in love with Merrick and hasn’t got the nerve to tell him. Merrick’s relationship is already failing, but he doesn’t believe he deserves what he truly desires. And the dark presence enjoys their suffering.

The entity wants to exploit them, push Merrick’s boyfriend into fits of jealousy and possessiveness, encourage Trevor to avoid the man he’s stood by most of his life, and frustrate their friend Tempest who’s tired of knowing Trevor and Merrick are perfectly matched souls, but they’re too scared to try.

The entity needs them to fight, to hurt, to scream at each other in anger and pain. It thrives on their helplessness and targets their insecurities. And it won’t stop until it has devoured their joy, destroyed their hope, and eventually, shattered their souls.


I haven’t read this kind of paranormal book in a long time. Usually when you think of paranormal it’s vampires, werewolves, Alpha and Omega type things. This story is definitely not one of those. I devoured this book as I wanted to see what would happen to everyone. The language of the book is British and if you aren’t familiar with terms then it may pull you out of the story as the characters go through their daily lives.

I loved the spooky paranormal angle! The interactions with the spirits were scary and had me not wanting to read in the dark. I did find Trevor to be a bit unbelievable in how he acted. In some cases he seemed to revert to a mopey teenager when he was experiencing his unrequited love for Merrick. I do understand these are twenty-something folks, so they are still growing up in in some aspects. The chemistry was certainly there though!

I do recommend this story if you would like a bit of a spooky thrill with a dash of romance!



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