Review: A.R. Barley – Talk Bunny to Me (Hoppity Shifter #2)

51IbcvYZAaLAuthor: A.R. Barley
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★½ 


When werewolf hunter meets bunny shifter, romance is the last thing either one of them expects to find… but

Benjamin Holland is a werewolf hunter–and a pretty successful one. He’s hunting a rogue wolf in Minnesota when he trips over a bunny shifter and takes the twitchy nosed little dude back to Illinois. It’s strictly catch and release. He needs to get laid, but after getting his heart crushed by his best friend Peter he’s not looking for a forever mate.

Mating is the last thing on Justin’s mind. He’s just escaped an arranged marriage to his warren’s next Rex. He wants to make up for lost time and build a life for himself in Chicago, but the more time these two spend exploring the city together the better they get along. When Justin’s ex-fiance tracks him down to the city, they’re going to have to decide if forever might just start with one magical night.

Benjamin Holland (Benji to those who know him) was introduced in book one of the Hoppity series as Peter’s best friend and brother to the man who became Peter’s mate, Benji’s brother Luke. Benji had a bit of a crush on his friend and sort of hoped they would pair up, but unfortunately, Peter never saw him that way. Peter was also unaware, until he was under threat, that Benji had become a werewolf hunter! While hunting a rogue wolf in Minnesota, he comes across what he thinks is a bunny shifter and ends up taking him back to Chicago. Justin did want to leave Minnesota, he just was not sure on the how but had not expected it to be via a werewolf hunter!

The story is told from Benji and Justin’s alternating point of view.

The second book in the Hoppity series, the follow up to Chasing His Cottontail, and now that you know some of the back story, this one is even more of an adventure than the first one. I must admit, I was hoping the second book would be Benji’s story as he seemed like a very interesting character in the first book and we get another couple of scenes with Mikhail, the Alpha from Chicago. I do hope a book is planned for him, like Benji, he seems like a character you want to learn more about!

However, we have this story first, where Benji, because of his knowledge of rabbit shifters, believes that is who is being chased by his rogue wolf. Then he wants to protect the rabbit, while fulfilling his mission, but feels the need to hide the rabbit from the questionable wolves at the end of it. He figures he likely won’t see them again anyway…turns out he’s wrong!

I liked Justin, he was quite innocent as his warren had intentionally kept things from members, so he sometimes thought he was stupid, as one shifter liked to tell him that. Sadly, it was the one he was supposed to mate with, and the one he ran from! And I liked the dynamic between Benji and Justin, I already liked Benji from the first book, and it showed the depth of his character that he did not get impatient with Justin, asking questions and explaining things when he realized Justin just did not know.

Benji feels like he is still a bit hung up on Peter, Justin was escaping an arranged marriage with someone who was mean to him, but they are definitely attracted to one another. However, they both know that if they follow through, it is not a one and done! And with Justin’s past following them to Chicago, is now the right time?

If you like shifter stories that are drama/adventure stories, I think you’ll enjoy this and the character growth of both of them through the story, was really interesting, it had a great pace and I really didn’t want it to end! There are definitely some hot scenes, but character journey seems to be the primary focus of the story and I’m looking forward to the next one!


MLR Press

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  1. Thank you for the review! I’m now adding it to the tbr list.

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