Review: A.R. Moler – Prise de Fer

51MzhJP774LAuthor: A.R. Moler
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Paranormal
[xrr rating= 3/5]


Chemistry major Kelly Hendrick has lusted after his analytical chemistry professor Simon Randall for a several semesters. They share common interests in reading, fencing, and, of course, their chosen career field.

Now several semesters past being Dr. Randall’s student, Kelly finally dares to cross the line and pursue his attraction to the professor. He finds the feeling reciprocated, but there are deep, more than human secrets in Kelly’s life.

An assault on Simon forces Kelly to confront the idea that Simon needs to know more if they’re going to be together. Can Kelly own up to non-human genetics and still maintain his growing relationship with Simon?


A sweet story of a young man who’s had a crush on his professor for years and finally gets a chance to move forward with him. There may be one little thing that is irksome, however—the fact that he’s a werewolf is going to be pretty hard to admit to, never mind for his hoped-for lover to accept.

College senior Kelly Hendrick finally gets his chance to make a move on Professor Simon Randall after a late night fencing match when the professor is struck with one of his migraine headaches. Taking the professor home, Kelly offers comfort and a warm body to watch over him as protection during the night. But in the morning, the professor’s headache is gone, and the men discuss their attraction and then take steps to make it more than just talk.

Later that night, Kelly is out hunting rabbits, having finally given in to his natural urges and shifted. He doesn’t shift often, but when he doesn’t do it enough, his legs suffer from painful cramps so he figures now that exams are done he can give in and have fun in a secluded area on the edge of town. On his return from the run, he finds it odd that he can smell Simon, but when he sees what’s happening to his man, the danger facing Simon doesn’t stand a chance against an angry werewolf protecting his mate.

This was highly enjoyable and followed fairly true to a simple formula. It was too short to have much world-building, however, but the potential is there if the author ever decides to add stories in this world in the future. Let’s just stay that after a few issues are ironed out, and the big confession is made, our couple seems primed to move forward into their HEA as the story closes.

I’d recommend this one to those who enjoy sweet MM romance, wolf-shifter stories, short stories, and/or age gap.



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