Review: Alex Beecroft – Angels of Istanbul (Arising #2)

51n7zhcNCTLAuthor: Alex Beecroft
Reviewer: Rich
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Wallachian nobleman Radu is recently arrived in Bucharest with his vampire parents. Welcomed as an eligible bachelor, he’s introduced to the enchantress Ecaterina, whose salon is Bucharest’s centre of magical expertise.

But when Ecaterina’s brother dies of a mysterious new plague, it’s clear to Radu that his parents have not been idle. Soon Bucharest is in the grip of an undead epidemic—a less than ideal time for Ottoman Sultan Mahmud, Wallachia’s overlord, to call Bucharest’s nobility to assemble their armies in Istanbul for a holy war against Britain.

The Wallachians have long resented their Ottoman overlords, so Radu seizes the chance to eliminate them while also ridding Bucharest of the undead: he leads an army of vampires to Istanbul and sets them to feed on the Turks.

As Radu’s demons gut the city of Istanbul, their plans become horribly clear. This is only the start. With the Ottoman armies under their control, the undead are poised to suck the life out of the whole world. Radu, his lover Frank, and Ecaterina are appalled at what they’ve unleashed. But they may be too late to stop it.

This is the second volume in the series. At the stopping of the first book; Radu and his entourage, including his vampire parents, are setting off to Bucharest. The plot in very believable fashion then moves the story to Istanbul. This brings all the main characters, first introduced in the first book and somewhat left hanging, into a fully integrated story.

Both backwater Bucharest and the Ottoman imperial capitol of Istanbul come to life as palace intrigue, vampires becoming an army, and our heroes fighting the hordes, melds into a solid narrative.

This is a classic story of Good versus Evil and is presented. The ability of both Christians and Muslims joining forces for the common good, albeit with the help of magic, brings a timely aspect to the plot.

The relationship between Radu and Frank fully blossoms and each know that they can be secure in their relationship; or as secure as it can be in the 1700’s.

A recommendation to the reader: Read the first two parts as one story. The first volume simply stops at a convenient place.


Riptide Publishing 

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