Review: Ali Atwood – Bound to Brody

25461790Author: Ali Atwood
Reviewer: Kevin
Publisher: Extasy Book Inc
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN: 9781487403294

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 

Does a second chance at love have a price?

Zac McQuade is a former marine living two lives. On the surface, he’s a special agent for the FBI but undercover, he’s an assassin for the Secret Intelligence Service. When Zac returns to his childhood home for his niece’s christening, the last person he expects to see is Brody Maitland, his former college crush. Though Zac’s attraction to Brody has gone unfulfilled, he still thinks of him as the one who got away.

Dr. Brody Maitland is a practicing psychologist with a few secrets of his own. Though he has always admired Zac, he thinks he is terminally straight. Currently, Brody is conducting an off-the-record investigation, in search of a young male patient who’s gone missing. Believing Zac’s cover story, Brody enlists his help to solve the intricate case, plunging them both into a deadly game of intrigue and deception. As the attraction between the two very different men heats up, they are faced with the ultimate test of love and loyalty.

This is far from your typical shifter story. The premise of this book is more a psychological thriller/mystery. The author presents a well thought out storyline that includes a well-developed back story between the two main characters. The antagonist of the story has been targeting gay men and mass murdering over a series of time, without ever being discovered by the local author.

The chemistry between the two characters leads you to believe that they were destined to meet again and have a second chance at fulfilling each other desires and need for each other. The secondary characters were a nice touch to an already
well plotted story line and allowed you to see different dimension of the characters and their interactions with family and friends. The shifter part of this story was integral to the plot and the secret Brody has kept from Zac.

This was the first in a series and I look forward to reading more, as well as future works from this author. My one recommendation would have been for the book to have been longer and allowed the relationship to develop further between the main characters but as it is, I can definitely recommend.


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