Review: Amy Jo Cousins – HeartOn (Full Hearts #2)

Author: Amy Jo Cousins
Reviewer: Natalie
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Summary: When an injury sidelines NFL player Deion McCaskill—maybe permanently—he heads to Miami to stay with an old college teammate and his boyfriend. He packs his tailor-made suits, anxiety about the future, and the bisexuality he’s ignored for years because it didn’t fit with his drive to succeed at football’s most elite levels.

Set designer Carlos Kelly has always known he’s bi, but dating women is easier than making waves with his Puerto Rican/Irish Catholic family. His friends and coworkers from the theater community might be almost entirely on the rainbow spectrum, but Carlos keeps things simple. Except for this heat that keeps flaring between him and the hot football player visiting his best friend.

Two weeks. Two guys who’ve never explored their bisexuality before and don’t plan on coming out, ever. One promise to let each other try out every fantasy they’ve ever had. Zero feelings involved.

At least, that was the plan. . .

Review: 4.5 Stars. What a gem of a story! HeartShip was cute but short, and it was nice that HeartOn also adds more development to Josh and Benji’s characters, when Deion comes to stay with them. They’re an integral part of the story without taking up too much page time. Carlos has harbored a crush on Deion since they met a couple of years before. Both are secretly bisexual and have never pursued that part of themselves, yet manage to convey their attraction to each other. You can all guess how the sex-only agreement turns out. There were a few very hot scenes and the sex was kind of fun, as both were completely inexperienced, aside from watching porn. I liked being shown their time outside of that, when they established their romantic connection, when they were so in sync with each other. Deion is also living in denial of possibly losing his future in professional football, creating a big obstacle when he and Carlos realize their feelings have deepened.

The author really humanized these two characters, especially when their time together neared an end, as Deion was scheduled to leave. They weren’t afraid to be blunt and honest with each other, even though it hurt both deeply at one point. My only issues arose with the ending, when I felt like Carlos was being a little unfair to Deion, although I could see his point. It was pretty much insta-love too, since their time together was less than two weeks. I also wondered at the lack of any detail at all about family repercussions, when Carlos made kind of a big deal about it as a reason for not coming out. It was a total non-event, which was okay but I wanted to know what was up with grandma! The author gave a glimpse into Puerto Rico in the epilogue, as Deion and Carlos get involved in the recovery, among other reasons to be there. This was thoroughly engaging, without a bunch of drama or angst but offering a touch of uncertainty and strong sense of anticipation for the couple. Recommended.



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