Review: Amy Lane – Green’s Hill Werewolves, Vol. 1 (Little Goddess)

Author: Amy Lane
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: DSP Publications
Genre: Fantasy

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

In the world of the Little Goddess
Teague Sullivan and Jack Barnes work in the dangerous gray area between the natural and supernatural worlds, helping people who get separated from the safety of Green’s Hill find their way home. Teague’s in the game for redemption—but Jack’s in the game for Teague.

Teague is damaged, haunted, and about the loneliest man Jack has ever met, but Jack sees beyond Teague’s scars and gruffness to the kindness and bravery underneath. Teague is pretty sure Jack’s a green idealist—a scarred old dog like Teague will never be good enough for a sweet young pup like his Jacky.

When Jack is injured, the two hunters are sucked into the paranormal world they’ve been defending. Teague must reevaluate everything he’s believed about their relationship. While Teague is sorting out his life both with Jacky and as a member of Green’s Hill, Katy steps into the mix. She’s loved Teague since she was a child, and that love has only gotten stronger now that they’ve survived into adulthood. Teague Sullivan, who has lived “without” since he was born, is suddenly given all the things that make live worth living “with.” Does Teague have the courage to reach for two lovers and a place on Green’s Hill?

For the first time in print: Yearning, Waiting, Reaching, and Changing.


Goodreads breaks this up into many parts, but those parts simply appear as larger chapters or groupings in my copy. That made it a little confusing, since I often didn’t realize I had ended one section and began another. Here is the breakdown for as far as I got:

Yearning: This was okay, I’ve read other stuff in this world and honestly, it just isn’t really my cup ‘a tea. Shifter genre is one of my favorites but there is just soooo much going on in this universe that it ends up feeling overly complicated. I think they could easily be written as standalone series, but instead, so much time is focused on Green that it muddies the waters.

I guess it’s relevant to Teague’s story, but since I never read the Green/Adrian books, I didn’t really feel like I needed all that focus on their characters. And there were a lot of secondary characters who didn’t contribute anything and could have been left out. In addition to all the polyamory, I guess I would just prefer sticking with my two MC’s. Despite it being explained as part of the world, once they finally get together… it was a tad anti-climactic. And I really didn’t like how Teague still had to preface, “No matter what else we do — we both like women, Jacky. You know that.” WHY are we talking about fucking women while you’re about to screw the love of your life?!?

I did like the bare bones of Teague and Jack’s story though. There was the sense of unrequited love there (on both sides), and I love that yearning. I just wish it had been explored more and was more the focus of the story. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Waiting: I totally lost track of where those ended and began.

Reaching: The problem with ending each of these novellas with a chapter from Corey’s POV, is that I don’t care. I like her well enough, but I don’t feel like we gain anything from her perspective and it pulls me out of the story. When I got to the chapter from her POV (not knowing it was the last one) I stopped reading, and it took me a week to pick the book back up again. This kind of ruined the flow.

But up until that point, I was enjoying this portion more than the first two. Jack and Teague were finally opening up more, which I liked. Where it started to lose me was with Katie. Again, I like her well enough, but I don’t think she brings anything to the story. After such an epic and fraught love story getting Teague and Jack together… she seems like a total add on who hasn’t earned her place. I know they like her, but the emotions don’t seem strong enough.

The added paranormal element of shifters having a time limit on choosing their mates, be it 1 or 2 or however many, was an unnecessary catalyst. It was forcing things to go faster then felt natural.

I’m not a huge fan of reading ménage, but the one that I read and really liked was about an established and healthy couple who then both developed feelings for someone who also developed feelings for each of them in return. Jack and Teague are not nearly stable enough to be adding a third.

Anyway, it’s getting better, mostly as Teague opens up more. I hope they’re able to work Katie into the relationship in a way that feels natural and not forced. But that remains to be seen.

Changing: This is where things start to feel really redundant. They get close, Teague freaks out and runs away, Jack and Katie talk it through, Cory finally get’s through to Teague, lather rinse repeat. Unfortunately, between the addition of Katie, Corey’s constant POV additions, and Jack and Teague’s emotional immaturity and stagnation… I think I’m done here. I like these guys, and I want them to work out, but they’re becoming too frustrating in their self-destructive behavior and complete obliviousness of how to have an adult relationship.


DSP Publications 

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