Review: Angel Martinez – Wild Rose, Silent Snow

51VirvrnvzLAuthor: Angel Martinez
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★★ 


Newly expanded version!
A huge bear at the door, a handsome, naked stranger in the snow, magic fish, enchanted beards—and Rowan thought his life was odd before.
Content with the quiet isolation of their lake house, Snowden and Rowan Hadley survive on summer jobs and winter hunting, unable to move on since their parents died. Their peace is shattered by a strange, human-acclimated bear who insists on following Rowan like a giant hunting dog and again by the discovery of a naked, surly stranger in the snow.
Both bear and man lead the Hadley brothers into a strange, surreal world where sorcery and RPG software intertwine. Curses and magical traps lie in wait around every turn. Rowan and Snowden will need to adjust their view of how the world works, and quickly, if they want to live through rescuing their enchanted princes.


This is a second and expanded edition of Wild Rose, Silent Snow, A Tilted Fairytale. Rowan and Snowden Hadley live on an island across the lake from St. Paul, Minnesota, and while they are able to work as guides and sell their honey in the spring to fall months, the winter months are tougher for them, especially since they lost their parents. Arcadius (Cade) and Griffin Meade had a successful business, but research took them on unexpected turns that challenged what they thought they knew and will be challenging Rowan and Snow since they seem destined to cross paths!

The story is told from Rowan and Cade’s alternating point of view.

I thought I liked the expanded edition of Boots, but this one hits it even more out of the park! Two brothers, who have their own challenges on a day to day basis due to having encephalitis as children, which is a sudden onset of inflammation of the brain and has resulted in some issues they have carried into adulthood. Which likely contributes to their still being hit so hard with grief for their parents, even two years on. They work as a partnership though, and I so enjoyed the dynamic of the their relationship and wanted to dive in to give them both a hug!

The story starts off with Snow coming across a bear, then Rowan encounters him and then the bear keeps following Rowan around, almost like a dog! Rowan gets equally attached and when one night, the bear does not return, Rowan and Snow go looking for him, and Rowan finds a naked man passed out in the snow! Just when they didn’t think their life could get any stranger!

I don’t recall the original tale this is a twist of, which is probably a good thing, but if you like the idea of magic, twin brothers still dealing with loss and another set of brothers that just might be “the one” for them, then I think you will enjoy this story. Once I started reading, I had a tough time putting the book down as I really wanted to know what would happen to these characters so once again, I was emotionally invested in the story and the story did not disappoint! The Hadley twins are probably my favorite characters of the book, they have overcome quite a few challenges and I liked how they balanced each other out, although you do wonder if Snow had the same pangs as Rowan at the thought they would one day have separate lives. The focus could have been on the challenges they’ve had, but it was more about how they approach each day, that they see what to be grateful for, rather than resent the past. An excellent reminder of how you can choose to approach life.


Pride Publishing

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