Review: Annabelle Jacobs – Chasing Shadows

29232212Author: Annabelle Jacobs
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M Mystery
ISBN: 9781310226540

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Jamie Matthews goes to Cornwall to find his missing brother. The police are convinced Michael drowned, but Jamie knows better. No way would Michael swim to his death, especially on a beach with a wicked rip tide. Finding a stranger in his brother’s cottage only deepens his misgivings.

Felix Bergstrom is recently discharged from the British Army. Unable to put the past behind him, he takes an unhealthy interest in old acquaintance and millionaire businessman Karl Weston, hoping to catch him up to no good. Michael’s disappearance adds fuel to Felix’s suspicions. Weston’s clifftop home overlooks the beach where Michael supposedly walked into the sea, but Weston has an alibi for that day.

When Jamie and Felix meet, the physical attraction is instant. Mistrust keeps them from acting on it until finally all their secrets are laid bare. But time isn’t on their side. Before they’re able to work out whether they have a future, danger catches up with them and threatens to put an end to everything.
Jamie’s brother Michael is missing and he does not accept the speculation that he drowned while out painting on the beach. He travels to Cornwall to the cabin Michael rented and is further concerned when he finds a stranger in the cabin! Felix is not exactly a friend, not exactly a stranger but he may have some ideas on what happened to Michael and who might be behind it. However, Jamie and Felix have to work through not only mistrust of one another to figure out what happened to Michael, but their attraction too.
The story is told from the alternating point of view of Jamie and Felix.

I quite enjoyed this book, I liked the characters and felt it moved at a good pace, in some places, the mystery and romance aspects were pretty balanced, while in others, the romance seemed to be the stronger part of the story, but overall, it worked. Jamie’s struggle over what happened to his brother comes through quite clear and with the details he reveals, you can tell why he is unwilling to accept the story that he drowned.
While Jamie and Felix seem to trip over each other quite a bit, I liked the fact that both acknowledged that while they did not want to like each other, they had a respect for the other. Even when Felix’s friends come to visit and they include Jamie to give him a bit of a distraction from his sadness.
About the only thing missing for me, and this will be a challenge to say and not give anything away, was some clarification of Michael’s case – how or why he met the character of Weston, why it played out as it did compared to what happened to Felix’s friend? However, that did end up being a small question for me since the focus of the book had been about Jamie’s experience and feelings, then his relationship with Felix.
I would recommend this for fans of romance with some mystery, there are some hot scenes between the two lead characters, but not excessive.



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