Review: Ari McKay – Taste of Honey

1992105Author: Ari McKay
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Torquere Books
Genre:M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 9781944449384

Rating: ★★★★½ 

A Taste of Honey by Ari McKay – Romance>Contemporary eBook
Boone Phillips needs a girlfriend and fast! His family reunion is approaching, and if he shows up alone, his mother will throw every woman in sight at him. But the only “woman” Boone trusts enough to ask is Honey, the alter ego of his gay, cross-dressing best friend Rob. Desperate, he begs for Rob’s help.

Rob has doubts about the wisdom of agreeing to help because he’s had a crush on his straight friend for years. After a practice date, however, he decides to go along with the charade, despite the chance that Boone might discover his secret infatuation.

Between nosey relatives, illegal moonshine, and the sight of Rob in white lace panties, Boone starts to wonder if he’s as straight as he’d thought. When an earth-shattering kiss sends Rob running to protect his heart, however, Boone learns some surprising things about both his family and himself. Now he needs to convince Rob to give him another chance, or else his first taste of Honey might also be his last.

A delightful story, this is about a young man named Boone who is going home for his family reunion and is in panic mode because “Big Mama” will have all the women lined up so he can pick one to continue the family line. Boone is a software engineer working in the San Francisco area, and his South Carolina family believes in tradition—like the tradition that Boone will inherit the family estate someday so he needs to start on making his own family now.

That’s going to be a little difficult since Boone is not interested in women, at least not in the many who have shared his bed over the years. So he decides to take a risk and ask his best friend Rob to go with him. The thing is—he want’s Rob to go as Honey Coombs, his drag queen persona. And he wants Rob to pretend that he and Boone are in love. From Rob’s perspective, it’s not going to be difficult since Rob has had a crush on Boone ever since they met when Rob designed the artwork for Boone’s latest gaming software.

What Boone doesn’t expect, however, is to be turned on by the sight of Rob in his tiny lacy underwear, or the way his eyes and lips look when he’s in his female persona, but not in full drag makeup. And what he doesn’t expect is to finally realize that the reason women just don’t do it for him is because Rob does. But it takes an almost catastrophe for Boone to finally identify what he feels for Rob is love.

I really enjoyed this story. Yes, there were things I had to just accept, even though I didn’t believe someone would do or say such a thing, and yes, it was a bit odd for Boone to realize he loved Rob in a sudden epiphany moment, but I really didn’t care because I read romance to take me away from my daily life and this story took me away. I love GFY, for some reason, and I don’t care if that’s something that can really happen or not. I just love it. And I truly enjoyed the way this story unfolded. I found myself totally in love with Rob, long before Boone realized he was too, and I forgave Boone for being so foolish when he made up for it later in the story.

Secondary characters, principally Boone’s mother and Uncle Jake, were cleverly created, and if I had one wish it would be that all gay or bisexual men have a mother and other family members as open-minded as these were. Oh, and of course, an Uncle Jake who knows how to make moonshine like this one does would likely be welcome in every family.

I can easily recommend this one to fans of MM romance, especially those who enjoy gay-for-you or crossdressing men. And if you enjoy slow burn, and watching a clueless guy finally fall in love, this one is a good choice for you.



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  1. Oh my goodness, I need to read this. Lovely review!

  2. Thank you! It’s worth it!

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