Review: B.D. Roca – Broken Sun (City to City #1)

Author: B.D. Roca
Reviewer: Natalie
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Genre: MM

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Summary: James Morgan: outlaw in a ruthless biker club, the Bastard Legion. Willing to do whatever he must to claw his way to the top of the club’s hierarchy.

Two things stand in the way of his ambitions: his heroin-addicted brother and his bisexuality. In Morgan’s world, his attraction to men is a death sentence, and he has no desire to pursue it… until he tangles with Luc Sinclair.

Luc Sinclair: fellow Bastard Legion biker. Tattoo artist. Rebel who wants out of a club he’s grown to despise.

Luc has a sister he’s protecting from a Legion ex-boyfriend. Saving her makes him a target. Morgan intervenes, and all bets are off. The sex is as fierce and passionate as it is dangerous. But when Morgan’s junkie brother learns of the relationship, he sees a way to advance in the Legion and take out a brother he hates. Their three worlds collide—one is left for dead, another fighting for life, and the bond between them broken.

In a dark and violent world where it’s every man for himself, finding their way back to each other and the only truth they’ve ever found will be a long, hard fight.

Review: I’d never heard of the author but I enjoy “biker” stories and have found few that I like in MM. This was an absolute winner! It’s set in Australia, but I guess some aspects of motorcycle clubs are universal. Morgan, at first, appears to be the cliché biker dude, but there’s much more to him, not including the bisexuality he’s kept locked in the closet his whole life. When he rescues Luc from a beating, it’s sets the stage for their doomed love affair. Told in three parts, the first two segments are set in the past, revolving around efforts by both men to resolve their family issues and leave the club behind. Part three is set in the present, around 12 years after parts 1&2. I was also quite pleased by alternating POV’s, combined with an emotional and compelling plot.
The writing was excellent, the pacing quite good with a great buildup of tension that kept my attention riveted. This was one that I couldn’t stop reading until it was finished at 2 A.M. There were a few things I’d wish were done differently, mostly in part three. It didn’t flow quite as well and events moved a little too quickly, in my view. There weren’t a ton of sex scenes, and all were integral to the storyline, with a decent sizzle factor. I’m definitely going back to read the first novella, involving Morgan’s nephew. I think it will fill in some of the intervening years of Morgan’s absence from Luc. The story is gritty, rather dark in places, with some violence that’s not too graphic, except one disturbing murder scene. I’m giving this one a strong recommendation.



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