Review: B.G. Thomas – Blue

Author: B.G. Thomas
Reviewer: Stephen
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Blue McCoy has lived on the streets for a long time, surviving by his wits and doing what he must, and he’s not above using his youthful appearance and air of innocence to his advantage. It’s not an easy life, but he’s happy. He has everything he really needs: the clothes on his back, a house to squat in, a sweet dog. Everything except that special someone to love him.

Six months ago, John Williams’s wife left him because she was bored. “Even your *name* is boring” were her last words to him before she walked out. Now he’s by himself in a big house, trying to figure out what direction his life should take. He’s never been so alone.

A chance encounter sets John on a new path, a path that becomes clearer when loneliness sends him to a local animal shelter to get a dog—and he finds an angel instead. An angel named Blue. A crisis brings them together, but it is something else that keeps them there. Could it be love? A love that can forever end two men’s deep loneliness and bring them the support and sense of belonging they’ve searched for all their lives?


I’ve always been a sucker for stories of waifs and strays and for coming out stories in general so I was pretty sure from this book’s blurb that I’d like it. I wasn’t wrong.

John Williams, a recently separated man, is lonely living his big empty house now that his son has moved out and his wife left him—even taking the family dog.

When John goes to get a new pet, he meets Blue McCoy, a young man whose hippie parents raised him to be almost puppy-like in his optimism and impressibility but Blue has been living on the streets for a while and that optimism (and Blue’s self esteem) have been battered a lot.

Blue is in crises when his adopted dog (and best friend) is struck by a car.

John ends up offering Blue (and his recovering pet) a place to stay and although John has resisted an attraction to men for pretty much his whole life, Blue is irresistible.

Sure, there’s some younger man, older man, fantasy fulfillment here but what great romance isn’t about a bit of fantasy fulfillment?

As with the other B.G. Thomas books I’ve read, this one touches on some serious issues but overall it’s a happy, feel-good tale and a great respite from some of the gloomier stuff that I’ve been reading. There was a bit in here about a sibling of Blue’s that was a bit bleaker than the rest of this tale. That sub-plot felt less developed than the rest but I’m guessing that the author has another tale in mind. If so, he’s certainly hooked me.

It was fun to see a few characters from other Thomas books make cameos here and yet the book is easily enjoyable by folks that don’t recognize the characters from earlier works.


Dreamspinner Press

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! Thank you so very much.

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