Review: Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham – Breathing Betrayal (Elemental Evidence #1)

Author: Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre:M/M Paranormal
ISBN: 9781786514226

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Every breath brings them closer to love, and a killer.

Jake Chivis is the descendant of Fire Elementals with a gift for psychometry, the ability to see memories from touching objects. After a bad breakup and trouble at work, Jake gave up his career as a detective in Detroit and moved to England to join a research program studying Elemental gifts at University College London. It seemed like the perfect way to escape his past and start over, and this time he’s vowed not to fall into the trap of dating a coworker. At least that’s the plan, until he meets Doctor Ilmarinen Gale.

Mari Gale is blond, sexy, relentlessly academic and comfortable in his own skin in a way Jake envies. After a handful of embarrassing encounters, Jake is ready to resign himself to staying under the radar, but when a colleague’s brother goes missing, he and Mari must work together to find him. As they dig into the inexplicable disappearance, Jake is impressed with Mari’s competence and unique skills, and even more impressed by his ability to wrap Jake around his finger. Together the unlikely pair discover murder, betrayal, secrets and just how high Mari can fan Jake’s flames.
Jake Chivis and Doctor Ilmarinen (Mari) Gale are both starting over in London at University College, Jake is a former Detroit detective and a descendant of Fire Elementals who is now part of the research team at the University studying his gifts. Mari is an academic, a descendant Air Elemental and an unapologetic flirt – unless you’ve offended him! They are asked to work together when a colleague’s brother goes missing and that time together gives them a whole new appreciation of each other and their various talents!
The story is told from the alternating point of view of Jake and Mari

Twisty and sexy, that is the best way to describe this book since the twists start from the prologue! Based on the synopsis, I was not sure if the prologue dealt with one of the lead characters or not! I will not tell you either way as I try to avoid spoilers!

I really liked the characters, neither of them are stereotypes of former cop or academics. Jake really does seem his move be about more change than just location while Mari has this outward confidence, there are some insecurities that are left over from a bad relationship. Both men have a lot of secrets, and not all of them are revealed in this first book, but that does not take away from the pace of the story and the mysteries they uncover – sometimes even on purpose and their personal relationship seems to develop as the case does. While attracted, neither man was looking to find a relationship, and definitely not at work, but as the saying goes, life is what happens when you make other plans!

This is a great mystery story that is not easy to guess what is going to happen, there are a lot of unexpected turns and I can hardly wait for book two already! With that, I will tell you that while the book solves the mystery, things between Jake and Mari do not get all tied up neatly and it definitely leaves you wanting more – or perhaps leaves you hanging, depending on your point of view! Since I knew it was the start of a series, that is not a bother for me and I look forward to where this series is going to take me! There are some suggestions of violence and some BDSM, although it is in reference to the storyline and it is a murder mystery, but I thought that should be mentioned. I would recommend this for mystery fans who like a romantic/sexy storyline added to the mix and I highly recommend it!



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  1. Thank you Diane. ❤
    So glad you enjoyed it.
    x Sadie

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