Review : Brina Brady – Bend Over

bend overAuthor: Brina Brady
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M BDSM

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Can Julien tame bad boy Shane?


Runaway 18-year-old Shane O’Rourke is living under the Huntington Beach Pier. He carries many secrets from his past. Shane wasn’t allowed to explore his sexuality when he lived home with his father, The Reverend. His submissive nature and desires had to remain fantasies.

Shane meets a dark stranger on the beach. Julien Callier is a Dom from Martinique and is sixteen years older than Shane. Bad boy Shane wants to win the heart of Julien Callier and become his sub. But does he really understand what Julien expects from his boy?

Julien’s heart goes out to this gorgeous boy and he takes him under his wing, grooming him to be his sub. Julien is determined to let Shane experience the good life, even financing his education, but he’s challenged at every turn by Shane’s rebellious nature.

When Shane’s defiant behavior threatens to come between them for good, Julien has to act fast to teach Shane the meaning of real submission.
Can Julien tame the bad boy? Can Shane give up his old ways of stealing, lying, and using drugs? The playroom is open.

We can say that Brina occupies a unique niche, different than those of all the other authors of BDSM gay romances. It is true that her doms are rich, but they are not billionaires. They are immigrants working in unconventional areas. As for his young subs, they are uncertain about how to deal with their homosexuality and the dominant whom they fall in love with.

However, there is something I don’t understand in the way Brina described his young MC. At the beginning of Bend Over’s blurb, she said that Shane is submissive. At the end of the same blurb, she said that he is rebellious. I’m not telling that subs are never going to rebel, but they are supposed to carry within themselves a deep need to surrender to a strong alpha. That’s the reason why they try hard to submit every time they are asked to do something by their dom. Therefore they can’t be called “rebellious”. Submissiveness is not a role that you assume; this is the way you are inside your mind and your heart. Maybe this is my vision of submission that is too idealistic or absolute, but for me, a sub who is called “rebellious” is not a sub.

But Brina taught to troubled teenagers, I think. So she certainly knows a bit about rebellious teens. Maybe she depicted her youths based on these teens she met.

I found this story interesting. However, I have one reservation:


Spoiler Inside: At your risk SelectShow

Those who read Rent Me and loved it will surely love Bend Over too. The theme is the same. The relationship between the dominant and his submissive are quite similar. And if you find that there wasn’t resolution of some points in their relationships at the end of these books, that’s because there will be sequels to the two novels. So if you wish, it will be possible for you to follow her characters in their next adventure.

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