Review: Bru Baker – Homemade from the Heart

Author: Bru Baker
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Mm Holiday

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary: Craft store owner Grant has always been a sucker for a pretty face, and that goes double for a pretty face with an adorable sidekick. When seven-year-old Aubrey has her heart set on taking Grant’s already-full holiday craft series, he caves and gives up his one day off a week so she (and her hot guardian, Josh) can take private lessons. Their flirting ramps up week after week, and even though Josh isn’t with Aubrey’s mother, Grant can’t be sure the man isn’t straight. Maybe he’s just being friendly. And Josh, who most definitely is not straight, is afraid of being the creepy guy hitting on the teacher.

Frustrated by their stubbornness and cluelessness, Aubrey takes matters into her own hands. She decides the best gift to give Josh is something homemade and from the heart—a boyfriend they’ll both love
Review: This is a fluffy little holiday story of Hot Divorced Straight Dad, Josh, who brings in Aubrey, little girl, to Make and Take for a holiday craft series class. Unfortunately the class is full but that doesn’t stop the owner, Grant, from falling in lust and breaking his own Closed On Sundays rule for some private lessons.

I wish we had something like Make and Take by me because that whole idea sounds amazing. The crafting part was interesting and Aubrey is a doll. Her relationship with Josh is what I wish every kid had. Grant himself has some awesome friends in Mel and Krista, who try to warn him of the dangers of falling for the straight guy. Who, after the ornament top or bottom conversation, may not be as straight as he seems.

The blurb gives away a little too much of the story because the whole “is he or isn’t he” is answered in the blurb! I loved the moment when Josh and Grant are having the conversation about “why didn’t you say anything?” Understandable miscommunication. Very charming holiday short!



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