Review: Caitlin Ricci – Somewhere to Belong (Thornwood #3)

51Km2EJjEwLAuthor: Caitlin Ricci
Reviewer: Toni
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 


Needy. Obsessive. Clingy. Twenty-five-year-old Eli Walker has heard it all. That’s why he doesn’t bother calling back the guys he’s been with anymore. Sex should be about fun, not a relationship, and no one has complained about him getting overly attached in years. If only he actually felt wanted for once instead of empty and used when guys are done with him.

Grayson Pendleton is a wealthy business consultant with clients all over the world. His life is often glamorous, but it leaves him no time for a relationship, and at forty-eight, he’s starting to notice the lack of romance in his life. His only romantic connection is Eli, but they’re just two guys who have sex occasionally. It took him months to get Eli’s first name, and even now they only communicate through a hookup app.

When Grayson inherits a house in Thornwood, Colorado, it’s one more thing he doesn’t need in his life, and he knows he won’t be there enough to enjoy it. Still, the old house has the potential to be a home, and more importantly, it gives Grayson a chance to save Eli when he needs it most.


I found myself struggling to read this story. The idea of two people on an app like Tinder coming together permanently was okay, I found the characters too opposite though. Grayson is an older man and set in his ways. Throughout the second half of the book Grayson kept wanting to take care of Eli. It seemed odd that Grayson was opening his home and buying things for someone who he had a sex only relationship at first.
Eli is twenty five and works at a horse rescue which is his life. His first sexual encounter left him feeling awful as he didn’t tell the guy who he was with that it was his first time. I’m not sure Eli’s character came across as fleshed out. I couldn’t connect with him at all. I do work with horses too, and found the rescue idea wonderful, but the whole thing that it was Eli’s life seemed like it was second to sleeping around.
I’m not opposed to May December relationships, but this one felt too much like an older man taking care of a wandering kid whom he has sex with occasionally. Grayson was also very difficult to relate to for me. He came across as an older lonely man who sleeps with many people as he travels for work. To go from that, to all of a sudden making Eli the centre of his world, just didn’t work for me.


Dreamspinner Press 

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