Review: Caitlin Ricci – Talk of the Town

Author: Caitlin Ricci
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Extasy Books
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Summary: After ending an abusive relationship, Julian comes back home to live with his parents and his son in a small town. Life is simple, and he’s happy about that. When he delivers groceries to Garrett he finds a grumpy blind man who just wants to be left alone, but they form a fast friendship with the promise of more.

Review: While I felt there was so much potential to this story, for me it ended up being too much trying to happen in too short a space. This book is only 33 pages long, not enough to fully explore what is happening. We have Julian, an abused husband who has finally left his abuser, and his young son, Joey. They have moved back with Julian’s parents after constantly being on the run from the ex. Julian works at a grocery store, where he tries to be social and make friends. All well so far.

Once he meets Garrett during a delivery run, we run into a thief, Garrett’s blindness (which honestly after just six months I’m not surprised Garrett hasn’t adjusted to it yet), and some odd timing. It sounds like Mitch, the abusive ex, has been out of the picture for a while since Julian and Joey have been moving from place and place before coming back to Julian’s hometown, yet at one point, “There were bruises there, mostly healed, and hopefully invisible by now.” So is this a new break up or not?

Julian begins to trust Garrett after two visits and things just moved too quickly for me. Joey is sort of forgotten in the scheme of things. I was disappointed in this one.



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