Audio Review: Cardeno C – Jesse’s Diner

jesseAuthor: Cardeno C
The Romance Authors
MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Paul Morey

Two men with a shared history and a mutual attraction must be honest with themselves and each other so both their dreams come true.

Quiet, unassuming Tanner Sellers spends his time running a diner in Hope, Arizona. Not particularly social, twenty-two-year-old Tanner keeps to himself and enjoys his simple life, but he longs for someone to call his own. In his most secret fantasy, that someone is sexy Steve Faus. But Steve is his friend’s father and mentor’s widower and therefore off-limits.

Despite some challenges, thirty-nine-year-old Steve Faus has had a good life. He’s extremely successful at work, has a great relationship with his college-age son, and lives in a wonderful town. Eighteen months after losing his partner, the one thing Steve lacks is someone to share his life. If Steve is honest with himself, that someone is the young man he has known and cared about for years. Steve and Tanner want one another, all they need is a little push in the right direction to make both their dreams come true.
Review: This is the second book set in the little town of Hope, Arizona and Jessie’s Diner, a staple of Jared’s from McFarland’s Farm, is the focal setting. Tanner has inherited the diner, though he’s kept the name, the recipes and most of the décor the same. His best friend, Mike, understands why his father, Jesse, left the diner to Tanner and wants him to move forward with both it and his life. He also wants Tanner’s help with his dad, who is grieving the loss of Jesse and having issues at work.
While Tanner has crushed on Steve, he feels, “…it takes a special kind of pathetic sleaze to not only lust after a friend’s father, but also the partner of a man who had taken me under his wing.” Tanner was so close with Jesse, is close with Mike and much as he wants to be close with Steve, he feels off about it. But he can’t leave the man to suffer, so he brings food and heads to Steve’s house. This is the beginning of Steve and Tanner becoming friends and maybe more. It’s funny to read how Steve is attempting to woo Tanner, “Clearly, my flirting has no game.” There is an age difference between them, 22 and 39 but as Steve reminds Tanner, there was one between himself and Jesse.
I liked Mike’s outlook on things and his part of their coming together. And I absolutely appreciated that Tanner was given a choice of top/bottom for his first time!
For sure I want to know –what is up with the Sheriff? Hopefully this is the next story because that man needs an HEA and I want to know who was on the phone!
This is another book that I read first and then bought the audio edition. I am a huge fan of Paul Morey and so I wanted to see what he would do with our little diner. I was very happy with it and even upped my rating a bit because of how well the audio worked. Steve comes across as very laid back Southern and Tanner sounds young. Both of which were true to the story.
This is a pretty easy story, sweet and stress free.
Just as an aside – the dedication at the end of this book is touching, sweet and made me cry. It was heartfelt and heartbreaking and I want to hug Cardeno and make sure everything is okay.

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