Review: Cat Blaine – Best Friends

Author: Cat Blaine
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary:  Carrick and Malcolm have been best friends since they were kids. They do everything together. One night, after they’ve had a little too much to drink, they share a hot, sensual kiss that ends up going a lot further than either man expected.

After that night both men struggle with lusty feelings for one another. Malcolm tells Carrick he wants to try and have a real relationship with him. Carrick panics, terrified of other people’s opinions and the two friends have a falling out. Alone and missing his best buddy, Carrick must decide if being without Malcolm is more painful than anything his peers might say
Review: Malcolm and Carrick have been best friends since they were kids who work together at the precinct. One night, after an unsuccessful night of looking for “true love in a crummy hotel bar” get down and dirty with each other. The following morning Carrick has a minor freak out about it while Malcolm really wants to try being with each other. Carrick isn’t worried about himself so much as he’s concerned with what others will say and think.
I felt so awful for Malcolm. Maybe he has been playing straight for years but he’s always been touchy with Carrick and has always told him “I love you”, although it wasn’t taken in a romantic way. Now, when he feels he really can be open and say it, Carrick wants to hide. “God, you must have thought I was a fucking sap this whole time.” Nothing hurts worse than being someone’s dirty little secret when you profess your love. Even as Carrick admits to himself what a coward he is, he doesn’t do anything to make it better.
When the two are able to awkwardly bridge the chasm that has opened up between them, they try to go back to their straight guy friendship and actions but now Carrick can’t deal with that either. It’s a difficult thing for both of them.
It’s a very quick and easy read, despite the inner turmoil of Carrick. I enjoyed the guys together and the ending is sweet.


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