Review: Cate Ashwood – Bloom Box

bloom box
Author: Cate Ashwood
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: If there’s one thing William Sullivan knows less about than how to run a business, it’s flowers. When Will is left carrying responsibility for the flower shop he’d leased for his cheating ex-boyfriend, he is sure it will lead him into financial ruin.

Just when he’s about to abandon all hope, in walks Milo Hart—young, overflowing with energy, and perhaps best of all, a genius when it comes to flowers. Will hires him on the spot and they begin a working partnership that might be Will’s only saving grace. The more time they spend together, the more Will’s feelings for Milo evolve and Will must choose between keeping things strictly business, or taking a chance to let love bloom.
Review: William Sullivan is a lovely man with a cheating slime of an ex, Spencer. He knows the ex has cheated because he gets a video text from the other guy verifying it. Ugh. He is also the owner of a floral business he is not equipped to handle, a business that was a gift for said ex and is now about to run William into financial ruin. Enter enthusiastic, puppy-like Milo, young, hard working and knowledgeable about floral. The plan is to get the floral shop open and running and then find a buyer for the lease and the business. But to do that, they have to get the business going.
William is older than Milo by more than a decade and he’s trying to keep himself to himself. Nearly impossible, since Milo is just too flipping cute. He also saves William’s butt, so to speak, when it comes to the business. He knows how to decorate, how to spotlight things, how to navigate the flower market at dark o’clock, and how to be there for William.
The fact that Spencer shows up at the grand opening of Bloom Box shows what an idiot that man is. I loved the scene with Spencer’s return because I felt that William needed that and Milo needed to hear it. Milo may be younger but he knows what he wants. As the business comes together and the couple does as well, the looming elephant is the potential buyer for the business. Now what will they do?
This is my favorite of the Heartsville series because I could see where William was coming from and could also see Milo’s confidence in knowing himself. Loved that about him. I liked getting to see how excited Milo was about Shepherd Knight’s appearance at Bookmarked (where we meet Milo for the first time). All in all, this is lovely. Recommended.



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