Review: Cate Ashwood – Textual Relations

Textual RelationsAuthor: Cate Ashwood
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Mm Contemporary

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary: Evolutionary psychology professor Henry Hathaway is ready to spend his birthday the same way he does every year: a good teeth cleaning followed by lunch with his brother. But when he receives a wrong-number text confirming the details of a date, he does what any considerate person would—he goes to meet them and explain why they’ve been stood up.

Asher Wescott hadn’t expected his blind date to go well, because when do they ever? Henry shows up instead, and things are suddenly looking up. Socially awkward and attached to his routines, Henry is nevertheless one of the most charming and kind men Asher has met in a long time.

Too bad he’s not Henry’s type.

An accidental date, an impulsive kiss, and a few conflicted feelings later, can Asher get Henry to see the world—and him—in a different light?

Review: How to describe Henry, the narrator of this story? He is methodical, orderly and basically kind. He drives his brother, Calvin, crazy because he doesn’t have a social life. His birthday consists of getting his teeth cleaned and then meeting Calvin at the same place every year for lunch. He isn’t a hermit, he just likes the predictability. He is in his early thirties and happy, thank you.

Until that day he receives a wrongly delivered text message confirming a date. Because Henry is a kind person, he sends a text to make sure Ash, the sender, knows it went to the wrong place. Then, worried the lovely woman won’t get the message, he goes to the place of the date, only to be faced with Ash, who is really Asher.

Asher is always looking for the next new thing. He is spontaneous and in search of the shiny. One birthday spent with Asher introduces Henry to more about his own city than he ever thought possible. And he has fun, imagine that! It isn’t until the end that Henry realizes Asher assumed this was a date. Henry seems to have that MO, not knowing he’s dating. But Henry is straight, so this won’t work.

I was curious as to why Asher, after Henry ignored phone calls and texts, continued to pursue him. They had a good time but Henry seemed to make it clear that was it. We don’t get Asher’s thoughts so that was sort of up in the air. The meeting in Henry’s office was a little confusing for Asher but they can be friends, right?

So begins the friendship of Asher and Henry. Asher, despite his reputation for “…loses interest in things faster than most two-year-olds. The new and shiny wears off and he’s on to something new” takes the time to be there for Henry. Asher also ends up being incredibly considerate and romantic, which I think the clueless Henry needed. From the stars to the reservation to the books, Asher proves he isn’t flighty and he listens.

If characters who are completely self-unaware bug you, Henry is not the guy to read. I found him funny and sweet, however, just so pedantic until he finally has his aha moment. I liked Asher tremendously. “You don’t have to have his all figured out right away.” He gets it, Asher does, and he gives Henry time. Cute and sweet, with some soul searching for Henry but no angst.

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