Review: Charlie Cochet – Disarming Donner (North Pole City Tales #5)

61izztsb-ZLAuthor: Charlie Cochet
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Fantasy/Holiday
[xrr rating= 3.5/5]


As a beloved Rein Dear and Christmas elf for Mayor Kringle, Donner prides himself on his flawless reputation, good sense, and wise decisions. Donner never does anything until he’s thought it through properly. He’s certainly not one to get flustered, infuriated, or fall prey to romantic nonsense. At least not until the most unlikely of elves begins chipping away at Donner’s defenses.

Calder is a Dockalfar—a dark elf. He’s wicked, untrustworthy, and armed with lethal magic. At least that’s what everyone thinks. It’s easy for them to believe the worst and mistrust him before they’ve even spoken to him, but Calder is out to prove that he’s more than his Dockalfar blood, especially to a certain Rein Dear who has caught his eye. But it will take more than sweet words for Donner to admit what’s in his heart.


I wasn’t so sure about this one. I’ve listened to all the other books of the series as audio books, and wasn’t sure how the series would translate to written for me. I didn’t like how judgmental Donner was of Calder. The addition of him having a different skin color actually made it very poignant and more uncomfortable.

But Calder was so easy going and good natured, not to mentioned understanding. We learn that the Christmas Elves do have genuine reason to be fearful of the Dockalfar, but Calder is determined to prove them wrong.

When things turn around it happens very quickly. Going from I-hate-his-kind to he’s-sweet to he’s-my-one-true-love in a fairly predictable rapid fire sequence of events that takes place over like 2 days. (And an oh-by-the-way three weeks have passed). But honestly? I didn’t mind.

The flow and pace work perfectly for this type of story. It fits the novella length, any more detail would have bogged it down. And despite flowing quickly, I believed the relationship progression as well as the attraction. And an unexpectedly steamy sex scene from our innocent little Christmas Elf was much appreciated!

I can now officially say that I enjoy this series just as much in written form as I do in audio. It’s a fun and light read, read it in a few hours. The perfect night cap at Christmas time.


Dreamspinner Press 

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