Review: Charlie Cochet – Gummy Bears & Grenades (THIRDS #9.5)

Author: Charlie Cochet
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


THIRDS agent Dexter J. Daley can’t wait to marry his fiancé, Team Leader Sloane Brodie, but first he’s looking forward to celebrating his bachelor party—which he intends to be a shenanigans-free evening of getting his groove on with family and friends.

Of course events don’t work out as planned, but for Dex that’s nothing new. One thing is for sure, dodging drug dealers and hired thugs amid booze, dancing—and even a bear costume—will guarantee it’s a night Dex will never forget. Now he just needs to survive all the fun.

Enjoy this bonus story from the THIRDS universe. These events occur between Darkest Hour Before Dawn and Tried & True in the series timeline. While reading this story would enhance your experience of the THIRDS series, it is not necessary to read before Tried & True.


A delightful novella that serves to enhance the series and focus on the love between Dexter J. Daley and his soon-to-be husband and work partner, Sloane Brodie, this story is packed with both adventure and humor. Of course, that’s to be expected as Charlie Cochet has always allowed Dex free reign in his humor, the situations he gets into, and his actions to either escape punishment or escape with his life.

In this installment, we travel along with Dex and all his friends and team members—except for Sloane, who is going to spend the evening with Tony, his future father-in-law—as Cael hosts his brother’s bachelor party at a swank, upscale nightclub. There’s drinking and dancing and even a little bit of sexy times when a smokin’ hot cowboy in disguise gets Dex’s attention. Naturally, the man bears a remarkable resemblance to Sloane, and no worries—there’s no cheating here—just a surprise for Dex.

Unfortunately, there’s also a plot to kidnap Austen and Cael, which Dex manages to get involved in, and there’s another mysterious visit by Wolf and all the intrigue that accompanies him, and there’s even a little adventure with a large, costumed gummy bear. That leads to a chase, and captures the attention of an evening news crew, so there’s no hiding his misadventure from his fiancé after that one! But it’s all done in good spirits and the author manages to keep the lid on Dex enough that Sloane is able to forgive his adventures the next day—barely or bearly (pun intended!)

If you follow the series, by all means pick this up for a good time. It’s not necessary to the plotline of the series, however, so if you choose not to read it, you won’t miss anything critical. You’ll just miss a chance to put an extra smile on your face on a rainy day.


Dreamspinner Press 

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