Review: Clare London – The Peppermint Schnapps Predicament

Author: Clare London
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Mm Holiday

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: Frankie Faraday is a promising young salesperson at Mason’s Emporium. Bill Mason is his boss, the son of the store’s founder, and the object of Frankies long-suffering, deeply devoted crush. Bill is steady and sober; Frankie is frivolous and flaky. Or so they seem to each other, until the night of the annual inventory, when they’re trapped together in the Seasonal Gifts storeroom, with nothing but candy and peppermint schnapps to sustain them until they’re rescued. And then the real truths-and something definitely more intimate-emerge!

Review: Told in back and forth first person POV, this is the very short story of Frankie Faraday, flamboyant worker at Mason’s Emporium, who has a massive crush on his boss, Bill Mason. “Bill Mason, always strong, steady, and self-disciplined, with a bossy bark to his minions that fair makes my balls clench in ecstatic fright.” Frankie is flighty and unfortunately, unlucky when it comes to following his boss to the storeroom, the door of which locks them in. “And now I’m in The Predicament.” He’s stuck in the small room with the man he’s crushing on, who really gives no indication he can even tolerate Frankie.

I did laugh that neither of them had cell phones with them, because of course they didn’t! Frankie tends towards verbal vomiting when he’s nervous and boy does that happen. “Sorry, I gabble when I’m nervous. God, how mortified am I?” Ahh but Frankie is not what he seems. For that matter, neither is Bill.

It takes some chocolate Santa’s, some peppermint schnapps and a while locked in a dark room (yep, the power goes out) for the two of them to get an idea that there is more to the other than they thought. It’s a cute, fluffy holiday story that made me smile



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