Review: Cristina Bruni –Gibraltar

Author: Cristina Bruni
Reviewer: Lucy
Genre: Mm

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Benjamin Scott is a fair man and a fearless sea captain, but his heart is broken. A while back, during a fierce battle in the West Indies, he witnessed the death of his best man, Jack, who fell into the sea before Ben had the chance to confess his love to him.
In Gibraltar, he happens to run into a stranger, John, who bears an uncanny resemblance to his lost love. A friendship grows between the two men, soon turning to love. This time, will Benjamin find the courage to confess his love, before losing John as well?

Review: Ben is a sea captain who lost his best friend and the love of his life, Jack, to an enemy bullet and a fall into the sea right in front of Ben. He never got to tell Jack how he felt and now he’s sort of just existing. But while in port he meets John, who doesn’t remember anything about his past and who looks just like Jack. Could it be?

I felt for both John and Ben. John is trying to move forward without being able to look back and Ben is pining for what could have been. These two wounded souls have a connection and maybe can make something of it. Ben is so sure that John is Jack and John is so ready to “be” someone. So the two of them work at being friends and getting to know each other. I loved Mamy, the barkeep, who is “…a little gruff, but I swear on my honor she’s got a heart of gold.” She watches for John and I liked that. John had spent months in a hospital after being picked up off a whaler and he’s desperately hopeful that he is Ben’s Jack. Ben is also desperately hopeful.

When John finally gathers his courage to show Ben how he feels, he isn’t met with the reception he thought and I wanted to shake Benjamin. “Benjamin’s words had struck him hard. They had drained his world of form and consistency, smell and color. Everything became gray and lifeless, and a horrible empty ache came to life in the pit of his belly, crawled up and took root deep in his heart.” Oh, John.

This novella is 110 pages on my iPad and there is a lot of emotion packed into it. I felt for both these men and even understood Ben’s actions on that day. I wanted them to be happy, in whatever form that would take. This is not an angst filled book, despite the tragedy, and I enjoyed it.



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