Review: D.M. Roberto – Moonlight Masquerade

moonlightAuthor: D.M. Roberto
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: It’s Valentine’s weekend and for Skylar Everclear, it’s a holiday he wishes he could forget. Mysterious roses keep popping up on his doorstep. No idea what is going, a little disturbed by this secret admirer, he tries to forget it all since he just got rid of the latest line of loser boyfriends and just wants to do his job at the local bakery. But when he meets his new neighbor, Marc Douglas, he finds himself drawn to the quiet young man even as he tries to not let his libido take over. But on Valentine’s Day, a mysterious rose again pops up with a note to meet his admirer that night. Will Skylar take a chance that love is right there waiting for him?
Review: This is a very short story (34 pages on my iPad) and revolves around Skylar, a baker of awesome treats who just wants Valentine’s Day to be over. He doesn’t have a boyfriend, doesn’t want to celebrate and he’s really over the whole holiday. He’s been getting mysterious flowers on his doorstep and it’s just annoying. “He never had a nice Valentine’s Day where a lover took him to dinner or surprised him with something romantic, funny or sweet.” No wonder he hates the day.
Meeting his new, hot neighbor, Marc, makes things a little better, although the flowers are just sticking in his craw. He feels “…it was a tad stalker-ish and bordered on creepy sometimes.” He’s trying to balance work with getting to know Marc and trying to figure out the flowers.
The story is slow paced and gets a little bogged down in details for such a shortie. There are two separate shower jerk off scenes, which was a little much for me in 34 pages. It’s cute, though, and an easy read. Can’t say too much without giving things away!



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