Review: Deja Black – Getting There

Author: Deja Black
Reviewer: Lucy
Genre: Mm

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Lucas Masterson’s life turns on its head when his long-time lover leaves him for his teaching assistant. Lucas is devastated, and the only person who seems able to help him live again is Creed Hamasaki, his brother’s best friend, who doesn’t waste any time staking his claim. But can Lucas and Creed’s love survive a return visit from Lucas’s ex who’s willing to kill to get him back? Even more so, can Lucas?

Review: Lucas is a professor and the book begins with the news that his lover of three years has not only been cheating but has been cheating with Lucas’ TA. Talk about a betrayal. “He couldn’t fathom it.” Tommy, the TA, is a right nasty piece of work, I have to say. I couldn’t help wondering how Lucas put up with him at work. “You didn’t think Ira was still interested in you, did you? Surely even you are able to add up the facts.” Add in the horrendous way Ira, Lucas’ cheating now-ex, behaves and it made me want to slap them. It was a bad, bad breakup.

After his brother, Anthony, comes to pull Lucas from the depths of despair he finds himself in, things have got to change. Huddled in bed, refusing to shower or go to work and climbing into a bottle, Lucas has his awesome family there to support him (ok, not Yolanda). Anthony, a police officer, takes Lucas to work with him for a bit and there Lucas runs into Creed, a friend of Anthony’s and one who wants Lucas. Just as an aside, it is Creed who graces the cover of the book. Creed is very forward and sometimes unsettling. Considering Lucas is just off a bad relationship and they don’t know each other well, I wanted to tell him, slow down! But his listening skills are on point. “What you need, Lucas, what you deserve…is better. Only you can determine that.” Also, when you realize Creed has waited three years, you cut some slack.

Lucas does fight himself on how fast things are moving but he can’t help but notice the differences. “Creed owned him while Ira displayed him.” You can see trouble coming because Ira and Tommy run into Lucas and Creed and the response isn’t a good one. We are in the front row watching Ira become increasingly unglued.

This story took a turn I wasn’t expecting and I’m not sure how comfortable I am with it, mainly because it was so horrible. I had to wonder, how bad of a judge of character is Lucas that he never realized what Ira was really like? “This right here is a man spiraling into an abyss of crazy.”

While Ira was a little OTT, I didn’t find the story to be and I found it interesting. I ended up really like Creed and I love Anthony. Recommended.



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  1. Thank you for your review! Reading it was the best part of my day!
    Inspired and ever grateful!

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