Review: Dessa Lux – The Alpha’s Home (The Protection of the Pack #5)

51gBxQdiP2LAuthor: Dessa Lux
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Self published
Genre: Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


An omega forced to mate an alpha he hates turns to his beta best friend for help to escape–but the only way out is to be stolen by another alpha.

Grant Denny is an omega who never wanted an alpha mate. He doesn’t want to be a sex toy for an entire pack, even if the alternative is to go through the agony of full moon heats locked up alone. But the choice has been taken away from him–he’s been given to Cliff, an alpha he can’t stand, who is keeping him in a remote cabin along with Jack, a beta who is his best friend, packmate, and the only person he’s ever wanted.

Jack Merritt is trapped in his wolf shape by the cruel alpha who claimed Grant against his will, and took Jack along with him. Jack has loved Grant forever, and he’ll do anything to stay with the omega–but Grant begs him to run away at the first chance, to try to find some way they can both escape before Grant’s heat arrives and forces him to submit to the alpha. Jack would do anything for Grant, but leaving him behind is the hardest thing he’s ever done.

Mike Gilford has been an alpha werewolf for half a year now, and he’s ready to find a mate and start a pack of his own. He never imagined that he would find them like this–a lost wolf, hurt and helpless by the side of the road, and the trapped omega he leads Mike to rescue. Mike only wants to help, but the moment he meets Grant the pull between them is undeniable–and terrifying to Grant, who is trying to escape from being bent to an alpha’s will.

Grant and Jack need a pack’s protection, and Mike is willing to give it, but can he keep them safe without keeping them prisoner? Can Grant learn to trust that Mike isn’t like the alphas he’s met before, and that his destiny as an omega isn’t the doom he’s always feared? With the full moon and Grant’s next heat on the way, there’s not much time for three wolves to make themselves a pack and find their way home…


Being book 5 in a series, it might not seem like a good idea to jump into this one before having read from the beginning, but I honestly couldn’t help myself. The blurb had me intrigued and with the potential combination of shapeshifting wolves, m/m/m sex, and nature’s pull working together, I had to give it a go and really glad that I did. While more back history would have enhanced the story, I never felt lost by jumping in midstream and now I’m motivated to track backwards to catch up!

A unique twist on traditional themes is how I would sum up this story. For example, the omega wolf is traditionally at the bottom of the pack hierarchy, and while the bad Alpha in this book may see the omega as his to own and play with, in other circles (the ones that matter) the omega is revered and given choices. Another twist is the pack within a pack theme. I truly loved the one big happy family that grew out of one Alpha (Mike) starting his own pack (with Jack and Grant) while still belonging to Alpha Rusty and his super pack.

MC Mike was not only an upstanding man, but a worthy Alpha. My heart melted and he firmly cemented his place in it multiple times as he sought to gain the trust of his new pack members. One example is when he recognized Jack’s worth on his own (as the beta) and not just as a sidekick of the omega he lusted after, and another was when he recognized that Jack and Grant loved one another and that Grant (the omega) deserved to be with Jack as his first.

I loved seeing the extended pack in action in this book and can’t wait to learn more about all of them!



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