Review: Diana Copland – Michael Reinvented

51kikv43QCLAuthor: Diana Copland
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★★ 


Cute hipster and interior designer Michael doesn’t do love—not after his ex screwed him over. Sex is a different story, though, and the gentle giant who’s painting the mural in the old mansion they’re restoring might be perfect hookup material. Gil is just Michael’s type with his solid muscle, wicked sense of humor, and the hazel eyes that seem to see into Michael’s soul.

Trouble is, Gil does do love. He wants romance and forever, and he’s set his sights firmly on Michael. Michael’s not going there again.

Yet when Michael is the victim of a vandal who’s been plaguing the men working for Delta Restoration, Renovation, and Design, Gil is the first person he tells. No matter how he fights it, it’s becoming harder and harder to deny he’s crazy about the guy—even if that thought terrifies him. But the true fear sets in when the criminal behavior escalates, and Michael realizes he might have lost the chance to tell Gil how he feels—forever.


This is the kind of book I love. It was well-written, fast-paced, with engaging characters and believable situations. From the moment I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. Finished in one day and I felt as if every minute was well-spent.

Michael is David’s interior design assistant whom we first met in David Reinvented. In fact, it was in that book that we all met big, strong, bald, and sexy Gil Chandler when he sold his dad’s furniture to David. It wasn’t David Gil was looking at though, as it was the cute, slender Michael who captured his attention that day. And given that they are all going to be working together in their new redesign company, they’ll have plenty of chances to interact.

But Michael is a stubborn son of a gun and doesn’t want to give in to his attraction to Gil. Nor does he want to admit it even to himself. He was hurt badly when the man he thought he knew and loved walked out on him several years before, destroying his trust in happy-ever-afters. But circumstances throw Michael and Gil together enough that the spark between them flickers and begins to grow.

At first, it seems as if the very stubborn Michael is going to have his way and manage to resist the gentle giant, but perseverance wins the day and when the two get together—caution—readers will need to get their personal fans out. Hot and sexy goodness. But even more important—the beginning of what could be more than just a one-night stand.

Naturally, the course of true love doesn’t run smoothly, and there’s a continuation of the underlying homophobia and gay-bashing theme started in book one with both Michael and Gil in the culprit’s sights at various times in this story. Michael’s true awakening of his feelings doesn’t come until he’s faced with the possibility of losing Gil permanently. When the situation does occur, it’s both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

I truly enjoyed the author’s ability to sketch a scene, and more importantly, to create characters that were so three-dimensional and engaging. There really was nothing about this story I didn’t like and I’m looking forward to another installment in this series, hopefully in the near future. Please, Ms. Copland. Hurry. Highly recommended.


Dreamspinner Press

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