Review: DJ Jamison – Urgent Care (Hearts and Health #3)

Author: DJ Jamison
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Nursing student Xavier James is shocked to run into the first man to ever break his heart while at a gay club. His ex is sexier than ever, but Xavier is not going down that road again … only, when they end up working together at an urgent-care clinic, his willpower will be tested.

Trent Cavendish made a huge mistake at age 18 when he walked away from his first love. Twelve years later, Trent is rattled when his friend suddenly dies. He takes a hard look at his life, realizing how empty it has become. Determined to re-evaluate his priorities and make amends, he returns to his hometown to win Xavier’s forgiveness and maybe even his heart.

Times have changed. Instead of the sweet but tame boyfriend he left behind, he finds a smoking hot man dressed in bits of lace and silk. Trent’s good intentions turn to lust, and love isn’t far behind. But Xavier is wary. The villain of his memories is proving to be a decent guy, but has he really changed or is Xavier just a new goal to chase?

Review: I like second chances stories but I have to feel there was a good enough reason for the original split; that the two don’t just jump into bed together and everything is solved; and I have to feel there is a connection between the characters as they are now, not just as they were then. In Urgent Care, for the most part I got all that.

Xavier and Trent were high school sweethearts who had big plans for college and then medical school. Just before college time, however, Xavier had to stay for his family and Trent didn’t take it well, to say the least. After hurling some insults, he left for college alone and he had Xavier haven’t spoken in twelve years.

While out at a club, dressed in some of his femme finest, Xavier is hit on by Trent, who doesn’t realize who Xavier is. Of course, my head immediately went to – if you are back in town for a second chance why are you out scouting before you see the man you left behind? But that’s me. I loved that Xavier, who is working his way through nursing school while working landscaping and helping care for his Gran, sister, nephew and niece, doesn’t roll over. “Too bad I’m a loser with no ambition,” Xavier said, in part to remind himself of why falling into bed with Trent would be a horrible idea.”

Of course, fate intervenes and it turns out Trent is now a doctor at the clinic where Xavier is the new nursing student. Uh oh. Now Xavier has to remain professional while his ex-boyfriend tries his best to win back, or at least make amends with, the man he claims to have never stopped loving.

What I didn’t like at times was Trent’s attitude. He claims he is there to right a wrong, to see if there is a second chance for he and Xavier but then would get all hissy. When Xavier overhears a conversation and understandably misunderstands it, Trent gets insulting. Again. “how about you stop thinking, since you’re obviously bad at it,” Trent snapped. “It’s really not your business anyway.” Umm, sorry darling, but if you are out to make Xavier yours, then it is his business!

There are moments when Trent comes on too strong and moments when Xavier weakens. But I never thought it felt unrealistic. These two have a history and Trent’s reason for coming back, for trying with Xavier, made so much sense. For his part, Xavier was hurt not only by Trent’s leaving but the careless, angry words he threw out as he did so.

The two have to work together and see if maybe they can at least be friends. Trent has to work hard to make up for what he did at 18 but Xavier has a little blame for it as well. There are solid supporting characters in Gran, Paul and Zane, as well as some at times unfortunate truths about the medical field.

A random thing that I appreciated probably more than I should have, it is mentioned that Trent knows so much about Xavier. Including the fact that he loves fingers in his ass and hates the taste of cum. An MC in a romance who hates the taste, so real world (because you know, not everyone loves it)!

I liked this quite a bit. It was paced ok and I didn’t have any issues with editing. I liked that things weren’t simple, because life usually isn’t. It’s very low angst and focuses mainly on how to make a future with someone you threw away in the past.



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