Review: Edward Kendrick – The Elevator Murders

51pvS+nDzvLAuthor: Edward Kendrick
Reviewer: Rich
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Genre: M/M Mysterty

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: When Tony Watkins discovers a dead man in the elevator of his apartment building, he has no idea there will be more murders. When the second body is found, he and his friends at the club he goes to put their heads together to try to figure out what’s happening and who the killer might be.

Kirk Logan is a man with problems. At twenty-nine, he still isn’t out to his parents. On top of that, Tony thinks he’s easy — which is true — and will have nothing to do with him, even though he wants to help Tony solve the murders. That is until he finally opens up to Tony about why he’s the way he is.

What Tony learns about Kirk, in addition to a third murder, changes everything. Can Tony deal with his feelings for Kirk while trying, if possible, not to become the next murder victim?


While normal a good writer in his only right. I just don’t feel this book was one of his better works. The story was just not believable in several areas. The highlight of  this book was the romance between the two main characters.

A great romance combined with a so so mystery.

The mystery: Tony, an author who works out of his apartment, discovers a body in the building elevator. The murder victim was a resident of the building. The police investigate; but, have only suspicions and not suspects. It would seem prudent that after a murder, building management would place surveillance cameras in various locations. One place being the elevator. Not so in this case. Instead we have police masquerading as painters. Another resident is murdered. The next attempted victim is Tony. Who after being stabbed in the elevator, fend off his attacker with his bags of groceries.

The romance: Tony visits a club to meet with his friends and relay the news of the murder. Another denizen of the club is Kirk. Kirk’s main reason for living seems to be random hook-ups. Very slowly a friendship takes hold and becomes much more. The one saving grace is that they both don’t turn into Jessica Fletcher and work to solve the murders.

All in all this is an ok book for those seeking an innocuous way to spend some time.


JMS Books 

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