Review: Edward Kendrick – Under the Radar

61TJc2YunhL._SY346_Author: Edward Kendrick
Reviewer: Natalie
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Contemporary
[xrr rating= 3/5]


Life for Lou Travis changed drastically when, as Carlo Farro, he turned state’s evidence on the two mobsters he worked for. He didn’t know, when he was put into the WITSEC program that he would end up falling in love with the marshal tasked with protecting him.

Walter Brooks certainly didn’t expect love to come into his life in the form of a small-time drug trafficker. But it did. Now, under the name Wayne Bourke, he, his adopted daughter Rae, and Lou own a protection business—and have for the last seventeen years.

Suddenly their lives change when Regotti, one of the mobsters Lou testified against, is released from prison. The man wants Lou dead. Can Lou, Wayne, and Rae stop him from finding them and putting his deadly plan into motion?


Edward Kendrick is a new-to-me author but I was drawn to the idea of a criminal and a US Marshal getting together. Written entirely in third person, the opening chapter starts in present day and the balance of the first half recounts the history of the couple. It was interesting, with some character building and backgrounds for Carlo/Lou, the witness, and Walter/Wayne, the Marshal, and his adopted bi-racial daughter. There is some mild flirtation, mostly from Carlo but it’s lacking sexual tension. After Carlo is relocated as Lou, Walter makes his interest known and they indulge in the only sex scene shown, a brief oral encounter. Eventually, Walter becomes Wayne and he and his daughter join Lou in hiding, starting a security business. Then it returns to the present, where they face the threat from Lou’s former crime boss.

It was an easy read, and cleanly written and edited but it’s very low-key. I felt a bit let down, as my own expectations were for more physical action and suspense. The story is listed as a techno-thriller but the reader is mostly told about the daughter utilizing the computer and her hacker skills, with the addition of a few security gadgets. The solutions used to resolve their danger appeared rather implausible at times and grew quite complicated, being changed and added to frequently. The narrative was primarily dialogue and discussion between characters to arrive at a resolution.

However, if you prefer suspense that’s more cerebral than physical, sweet, minimal sex and are less analytical about the processes used, it’s a pleasant and intriguing read.


JMS Books

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  1. I haven’t read this one as yet, but would recommend you read ‘Forbidden Fruit’ ‘Eye of the Beholder’ ‘The Martin Twins’ ‘Missing Presumed …’ ‘Jersey’ to give you an idea of Mr Kendrick’s scope.

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