Review: Eleanor Midhurst – Legal High

legal highsAuthor: Eleanor Midhurst
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: MM Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Parliamentary aide Joseph Richmond is aghast when his boss quits and he’s reassigned to work with Zac Hawkesford, the newly-appointed Minister for Preventing Abuse and Exploitation. Zac is an Alpha, and as every omega knows, Alphas do not belong in government. He’s also way too handsome and far too distracting for Joseph’s peace of mind.

Afraid of giving up control and losing himself to Alpha demands, Joseph tries to fight the attraction between them. But as they work together on a bill to ban legal highs, he realises Zac isn’t like any other Alpha he’s encountered … and one day, Joseph discovers why. The revelation changes everything between them, prompting him to admit some uncomfortable truths of his own — and to finally face his fears of surrendering to an Alpha.
Review: In this very different take on shifters, Alphas are not to be trusted because they are out of control, aggressive, ruled by sex, violent and can’t make informed decisions. How different from the usual!
Joseph is the undersecretary’s secretary and it is with some shock and upset that he finds out she has resigned and before the legal high bill they’ve been working on has gone for vote. Worse, she is being replaced by Zac, an Alpha. “Joseph liked to think he gave everyone a fair chance. Even Alphas.” Joseph has some things to learn. When he meets his new boss, he refuses to shake the man’s hand!
For his part, Zac is lovely. Yes, he’s an Alpha and does some of the stupid Alpha things, but he’s trying so hard. The biological imperative that connects these two, Alpha and Omega, is strong but Joseph fights it and Zac respects this. Joseph fights anything that might take control from him due to a mistake he made in the past. Here too, Zac is sweet and shows he isn’t like the other Alphas. “He was prepared, all precautions taken – and then he’d thrown it all away. The relationship. His pride. His dignity.”
They have to work together to fine tune the legal high control bill and figure out what to do about each other. Can they overcome biology?
I would have given much to have this longer, more explanations and back stories because it was so interesting and different. I wanted more!



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