Review: Elliot Cooper – Rogue Wolf

51hOV8Rg6ZLAuthor: Elliot Cooper
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Pronoun
Genre: Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Exiled from his home planet for loving an enemy, Vince turned to space piracy aboard the Cygnus. Disguised as a human thanks to his species’ shifting abilities, Vince feels secure. But he’s not safe from memories of his murdered lifemate—or from a growing attraction to Trent Rolston, the ship’s captain, he feels honor bound to ignore.

Trent, though, is determined to prove to Vince there’s nothing wrong with becoming more than friends. But Vince is surprised by his species’ mating call, despite being deep in space and far from home.

Just as their relationship begins to evolve, the Cygnus comes under attack from hunters determined to destroy Vince and his chosen family.

(Author’s note: this title was previously published under another pseudonym. This version has been heavily updated and includes 5k additional words plus a brand new ending!)


Vince, formerly Vech Grahlrech, turned to space piracy, disguising himself as human to leave his shifter life and the death of his lifemate behind. As always, the past has a way of coming back when you least want it to, of course when there is a growing attraction between him and Trent, the human captain of their ship, Cygnus, and putting a real risk towards his chosen family of Reyla, Lindi and Winston.

The story is told from Vince and Trent’s point of view.

I like it when an author finds a new way to do a shifter story and so far, I have not found a shifter in space story I liked quite as much as this one, and I think that has to do with the whole crew. It is one of those misfit sets of people and those are my favorite action movies, TV shows and of course, books!

With the years they have worked together, there is an intuitive way of working between Trent and Vince, so there is already a chemistry and rapport. While you do not get the full story of how their crew came to be, you do get the connection between them all and when put in tight spots, they do look out for each other.

I thought this was a great perspective for a shifter story, as well as a good balance of adventures with the jobs they take, battle scenes with the Fenrites, but they also have some quiet scenes as a group, there are definitely some sexual tension scenes between Trent and Vince, and even some scenes that will pull some emotional strings. There are some expected shifter politics at play, but as the story progresses, I liked how it looked that even their species may progress too.

With how the story ended, I think it is left open for sequels, because with as interesting a crew as it has, I think they could have even more adventures with their talk of adding more crew members!

If you like science fiction and the idea of shifters in space, misfit space crews that become chosen family along with some hot romance, I suspect you will enjoy this story. I have only read a couple of books by this author so far, but have enjoyed them all!



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