Review: Embry Carlysle – Storming Love Volcano: Simon and Bryce

simonAuthor: Embry Carlysle
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: There were only two things Simon wants in his life. To fulfill a lifelong dream of visiting Pompeii, and to finally step out of the closet with his longtime boyfriend, Bryce. It seems both are going to happen and Simon is thrilled. However, two months before they’re set to go, his hopes are dashed and he finds himself going alone. Determined to have a good time and to put the past behind him, Simon is ready to tackle whatever his uncertain future holds, with or without the love of his life.

Bryce is living the American Dream. He’s country music’s golden boy and doesn’t see that changing. He’s paid his dues to get where he s, though he’s had to live a lie. Being openly gay was never something he could do and he thought his boyfriend Simon, understood this. Then Simon plans a trip to Pompeii, the one place he has always wanted to visit. Bryce knows there is no way to keep his secret if he goes. So he does the unthinkable and backs out, even though he knows how devastated his lover and best friend is going to be.

They finally find their way together but a volcanic eruption changes their plans and they’ll have to discover which is stronger; Mother Nature or true love.
Review: Simon and Bryce are best friends and an established couple, in love and finally about to come out of the closet as being together. They have a dream trip planned to Pompeii and Simon’s life couldn’t be better. Until Bryce, a hugely successful country music star, backs out knowing full well what it will mean for their relationship. Good for Simon that he decides to take the trip anyway, on his own, and make it the best it can be. I found it adorable that he’s venting it all to his buddy, Jack. Simon has an awesome best friend, Lindsay, who is there for him and come on, the pet names are beyond cute. Kushy Tush? Serious cheesy goodness.
Bryce comes across selfish at first, admitting to himself that while Simon has been around the band and always around Bryce, it was a BFF thing to the world and “He stood back while I paraded women all over town when it was necessary, even though I knew it was killing him.” I mean, how awful does that have to be, watching the love of your life strutting around with women?
Something I really liked about this is that Bryce realizes the mistake he made BEFORE the volcano. So it didn’t take the life-threatening event to make him understand what was important, but it was a catalyst for the two of them to work together and through it. There is the fear that comes from a natural disaster, as well as the group of girls who are in some serious danger. This added some action to the story but even without it, I liked it.
This is a nice addition to the Storming Love series and these two make you want that HEA to happen.



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