Review: G.D. Cox – Memento Amare

Author: G.D. Cox
Reviewer: Natalie
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Summary: Agent Phelan Cole of the Global Anti Terrorist Force, one of the most respected and feared men in the classified military counter-terrorism and intelligence agency, is secretly and happily married to fellow agent Clyde Barnett. With their romantic relationship and marriage concealed from other agents, Cole and Clyde will face the greatest threat yet to their love for each other: A mission in the Eastern European country of Croenia leads to Clyde losing all his memories of Cole … and reverting back to the gay man with severe internalized homophobia that he was before he met Cole, an openly bisexual man accepting of his own sexual orientation.

While the agency’s intimidating Research & Development department races against time to reverse engineer the device that caused Clyde’s amnesia, Cole is also racing against time to save his marriage and bring back his beloved best friend, lover and husband. Will Cole succeed in saving his husband? Or will he lose everything, even his own life?

Review: Memento Amare
I’d never heard of G.D Cox but I’ll now be checking for anything I can find. This was a pretty amazing story, very unusual in style but filled with emotional, fearful and angry moments that made the loving and hopeful moments all the more touching. It felt almost dystopian at times, even though it’s contemporary, since it’s centered around an ultra-secret agency with access to unheard of technology. Agents Phelan Cole and Clyde Barnett, as well as their boss and good friend, Nathan “Nate” Fabry and several team members, are super agents that can kill you with projectile tie clips, and even their own fingernails. So it’s a little fantastical but not outrageously so. The story belongs to Phelan and Clyde, and follows their history and unexpected obstacles as a couple. I loved this couple and the feels from the two of them are incredible.

The composition of the book was unique; at least it’s not a style I recall reading before. There is a beginning prologue, that introduces Phelan but the story is related, for the most part, in non-linear, non-chronological order. But it was done so well! I was not confused at all by it, except in a minor way once or twice. There are switches in POV at times and it moves back and forth from present to past by chapters. It was a bit strange, reading one passage and then going back or forwards in time in the next, knowing what was going to happen, yet still being surprised with new details. It has a very clear beginning and ending however. The secondary characters were fantastic, especially Phelan’s Ma and Pa and also the bevy of agents and Nate, their leader.

I had to consider whether I would have preferred it written in a more conventional style, but I don’t think it would have the same impact. It has a few exciting and dangerous scenes, a few that were a little gruesome but more than anything it’s an epic love story. Be sure and read the author’s preface, it explains the story’s history. I highly, highly recommend this book if you enjoy your romance with some suspense and angst. The payoff at the end is soooo worth every moment!



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