Review: Grayson Knight – Forbidden Lust (Novocaine #1)

Author: Grayson Knight
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Self-pub
Genre: MM Erotica

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 


Jackson has never felt anything from his mother. All his life she treated him badly and he thought he would never have anything good in his life. That is until Cole came on the scene. Cole was in his early forties, and he was kind, handsome and built from pure muscle. The only problem was he was about to marry Jackson’s mum, but he was all that Jackson could think about.

It was on the night of his eighteenth birthday when the only gift Jackson got was a pendant from Cole that he knew meant that there was something between them. Jackson’s innocence was something that he wanted to offer Cole, but he never knew if that chance would ever appear. For now, he would have to watch from afar and hope that his fantasies would be enough.

Maybe one day he would get a chance at a night with Cole, but a sexual relationship with his step father was surely off limits and taboo. Or was it?


I’m all for a quick and dirty romp, but unfortunately, the writing left something to be desired for me here. Part of that was format, repetitive sentences like “while it was clear that he wasn’t erect it was clear that he was by no means lacking in that department.” And part of that was that it didn’t feel personal enough, and kept me at a distance.

There wasn’t much chemistry between Jackson and Cole. We were told they had a connection but I wasn’t feeling it. I know it was attempted during that birthday scene where Cole gave him a present, but it felt forced to me. Similarly, we were told how horrible Jackson’s mom was, but I don’t think we even ever met her. And I just wasn’t understanding how Cole was with this person that was supposedly so horrible.

But I can ignore all that for some smexy dirty raunchy sex. This didn’t quite get there for me. Cole got a little Dom-y, which was hot, but it was never fully realized. I kinda wish they had gone the ‘Daddy’ route because that would have helped me understand a little more why Cole stayed with whats-her-face, and explain some of the pull between them.

A lot of people seemed to like this, and I can understand why. Personally, I’d be willing to give this author another go if they get a little more aggressive with the editing and explored a little more depth in the characters personalities and motivations. (Cole in particular is a blank slate).



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