Review: Hailey Turner – In the Wreckage (Metahuman Files #1)

51ATToe5hjLAuthor: Hailey Turner
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


A Marine with honor.

After surviving a horrific chemical attack that turned him into a metahuman, Captain Jamie Callahan got a second lease on life. For three years he’s been working for the Metahuman Defense Force and leading Alpha Team—all against the wishes of his family. The job requires his full dedication, so it’s no surprise Jamie doesn’t have time for a relationship. An enticing one-night stand with a gorgeous stranger is all it takes to show Jamie exactly what he’s been missing. When a mission to take down a terrorist cell brings that same stranger back into his world, Jamie’s life gets complicated.

A soldier with secrets.

Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan was only looking to relieve some stress after a long mission. He didn’t know the hot guy he picked up at a bar was the leader of the MDF’s top field team. When Kyle and his partner get seconded to Alpha Team to help fight a terrorist threat, he has to balance his desire for Jamie against his duty to keep his secrets safe. That gets harder and harder to do amidst regulations both are tempted to break.

Two men trying to survive.

Giving into passion could cost both their careers. Abiding by the rules will only result in heartache. An attack on MDF headquarters brings with it a choice Jamie and Kyle can’t escape—duty, or love?

In the Wreckage is a 100k word steamy m/m sci-fi military romance with a HFN ending. There is military violence within the story that may not be suitable for everyone, as well as explicit intimate scenes not suitable for readers under 18.


Whoooo-eee! Well this is certainly smoking hot! It basically goes like this: action scene, sex scene, action scene, sex scene sex scene, action scene, sex scene, action scene, sex scene sex scene sex scene!!! You get the gist? It definitely has a BDSM flare, as Kyle is a raging pain slut, but it feels very organic (no staged ‘scenes’) and natural to the characters. And he has his reasons. So don’t let that scare you away!

I’m not gonna lie, I got a tad sexed out by the end. It’s a particular pet peeve of mine when we get an Epilogue sex scene, cuz they just feel excessive. And all of Kyle and Jaime’s sex scenes are actually like three-sex-scenes-in-one so they’re looooong! It’s not a bad thing, just make sure you know what you’re getting into with this one.

But it’s not ALL sex! There is also a LOT of action. Like the sex, this book probably goes a tad overboard with the military jargon and mission explanations and consequences of global climate change… but whoever said this book was about moderation?!?! And also, that heavy plot probably helps to counter all the sex! (There’s a lot of it)

So make no mistake, at its core, this book is an erotic romance. But it was good. I thought the entire Alpha Team was well developed, Katie and Alexi were particular favorites (future couple?!?!). We got to know Jaime and Kyle enough that it felt like I knew and understood them, they were real and multi-dimensional characters… and then the fuuuuuuucked. But you know about that.

This is an enjoyable, action-packed erotic romance… with superpowers! A similar feel to the THIRDS series by Charlie Cochet, so if you like that and want a slightly steamer version, I’d say give this a GO!



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