Review: Heath Greenfield – University of Southern Georgia: Dan & Billy

danAuthor: Heath Greenfield
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: MM

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: Some people know exactly who they are. As a matter of fact, some people can’t help being who they are even if it doesn’t fit into a conventional world. Other people struggle to figure out what that even means. Dan is the first. Billy is the second. Together, they are exactly what each one needs.
When a horrible roommate forces Dan—a theatre major and the apple of his family’s collective eye—to desperate measures, he turns to Billy to save him. What he doesn’t know is that Billy needs him just as much. Billy, the staunch, upright, gay Republican who has secrets of his own, is bowled over by the bright, forthright Dan, and finds himself inconveniently in love. Dan adores a man of conviction, and he’ll force himself to settle for friendship if he must…but as fate has it, things are about to change…
Review: Dan is one of those people, the bright, shiny ones who know themselves well and are unapologetic for being who they are. He was so lovely. It is unfortunate that when he goes away to college, the University of Southern Georgia, he is stuck with an incredibly nasty, homophobic roommate who does disgusting, irritating and mean things to both Dan and his things.
Then there is the beautiful Billy, who is a gay Republican, conservative, with a boyfriend who has plans for their future in politics. When the situation with Dan’s roommate becomes too much, he ends up sharing a room with Billy. And so the unlikely friendship begins. It is telling that Dan is already living there for a while before Billy even mentions that he has a boyfriend, Ross. Ross, who warns Billy to be careful about being around Dan, they have an image to uphold you know. Ross comes across as very selfish, I admit.
Billy and Dan complement each other so well. Billy brings some gravity, Dan brings decision. When Ross shows his true colors (and I hated when he put that back on Billy because that sort of excuse drives me crazy) Dan is there to pick up the pieces for his friend. The thing about this book is that they spend their time developing their friendship and their respect for each other but they don’t actually get together until the very, very end. Just a warning for people who don’t like that.
Let’s mention the incredibly sweet Tony and his soldier, who have their own story in what actually comes before this one, Davy and Tony.


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