Review: J.P. Bowie – Evan Sent

Author: J.P. Bowie
Reviewer: Natalie
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: MM

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Fiction and reality become intertwined when a young movie actor playing the role of a detective finds himself in a real-life drama that threatens to bring a sudden end to his career.

Evan Ericson is young and beautiful, a former fashion model and a gifted actor. When he is offered the role of a detective in a new film noir indie movie, he jumps at the chance, certain that this is his opportunity to leave behind the notoriety of appearing in porn movies and his dependence on drugs.

Mark Henderson is an out-of-work actor searching for his big break. When, by sheer chance, he lands a part in a new indie movie, he can’t believe his luck. Nor can he believe it when he meets Evan Ericson. Sparks fly at their first encounter. When rehearsing their roles, Mark’s world is rocked by Evan’s kiss and a new Hollywood romance is born.

But things thought long buried in the past have a nasty habit of rearing their ugly heads, and being stalked and threatened by a manic drug dealer is not something either Evan or Mark envisaged in their future together. Will Hollywood magic be enough to keep them safe or will Evan’s bad-boy reputation tear them apart?
Review: Actors and acting aren’t my usual choice of subject matter but with this offering, J.P. Bowie easily kept my attention and provided a fulfilling evening of reading. Mark is a young aspiring actor who accepts a role in an indie film as a gay character. After auditioning with Evan, the lead movie character, their on-stage chemistry carries them into a passionate romance. Mark is shown as sincere, inexperienced in the movie industry, as well as a bit naïve. Evan’s movie experience is less than orthodox, he’s savvy and streetwise, with a rough past but very open and honest with Mark. They are characterized well through the shifting POV’s, although they aren’t complex personalities.
The romantic connection, quite a few sizzling sex scenes, and a large group of secondary characters fill the pages. This includes the movie cast, a few of Evan’s acquaintances, and Mark’s roommates, Andrew and Perry, rounding out the list. The roommates make several appearances in the narrative but to be honest, I couldn’t see the purpose in giving them so much page time. Several rehearsal scenes and an altercation between the director and one of the actors, had little bearing on the plot either. It still made for interesting reading and perhaps it all pertains to plots and characters for future books. It’s not a long book but was paced a bit slowly, and some of the dialogue, while not exactly cheesy, definitely hung around the dairy aisle.
I simply found it quite satisfying. I liked the romance, that was fully shown, not just told, without silly breakups or contrived misunderstanding. All the conflicts were external and the added sub-plot suspense, while a bit brief in terms of page time, was dramatic but not overly dramatized. It had a very fulfilling epilogue and left me all fuzzy over these two guys. I will be reading more of Mr. Bowie and I’d recommend this for fans of classic-style romances.



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