Review: Jackie Nacht – Rise Out of the Flames

riseAuthor: Jackie Nacht
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: MM Paranormal

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: Come and get saved by these phoenix firefighters brothers.

Holden, a phoenix shifter, works at Rhodes Fire Department alongside his family. When he encounters his Sun, Rick, he’s half naked on the fire escape and Holden knows he’ll do anything to save Rick from the burning building. Even with the world knowing about paranormal beings, Holden has to figure out a way to tell Rick about himself. Phoenixes exist under the radar; keeping to small groups out of the limelight. Slight problem with maintaining secrets since it seems Rick may have unknowingly exposed himself to the phoenixes new enemy. How will Holden protect Rick with what happens when he goes up in flames?
Review: Holden finds out as a child that his family is, well, different. Not only are they shifters, but they are descendants of Helios and as such, they have powers that others don’t. Imperious to fire makes for a decent fireman, yes? They have fated mates, called the Sun, and Holden doesn’t really expect to find his any time soon, so he’s really not that open to the possibility. When he saves a nearly naked man clutching a laptop on a fire escape of a building on fire, well, that’s the way of things.
Rick is a photographer and the fire destroyed his building and his things. He spends time at the hospital with Holden, who was seriously injured while rescuing him. Rick doesn’t know what it is, but he’s drawn to this man. Holden denies any connection, “He’s just someone we helped” but the family knows better.
There is arson involved with the attack on Rick’s building and it’s linked to attacks in the past. It sort of threw me off that while the family is impervious to fire, they can easily die same as the rest of us. I think this added to Holden’s denial of who Rick was to him.
Holden’s family is awesome. His dad and brothers stick together, meddle, harass and love each other fiercely. They also work together to find the fire starter who is attacking, while getting Rick and Holden to figure it all out.
The story is short and sweet. Despite the background of the arson, there is little angst to it and things are pretty smooth. The family is amazing!



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