Review James Cox – Stealing His Dangling Jewels

29465748Author: James Cox
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre:M/M Contemporary

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Lucas Harper made a name for himself by winning the lottery—a ticket that no one knows he stole. He bought his own private island, goes through men like underwear, and wastes money on lavish things. Or so everyone thinks.

Phoenix is the sexy thief that not only sleeps with Lucas, but drugs him and steals his dangling jewels. Literally. His mark has five million-dollar gems dangling from pubic piercings. Phoenix didn’t expect to feel bad about taking those little beauties. All he had to do was make it off the island and back home so he could use the overpriced rocks to get his mother into rehab.

Things don’t go quite as planned when Lucas catches up with him and they’re both trapped by a vicious storm.
With a totally catchy title, matching storyline, and new to me author, I had to check out this book – the creativity had my curiosity piqued!

As I became engrossed in the story, one of the things that intrigued me most was the blurring of that line between right and wrong. Do good intentions in the form of trying to help out someone other than yourself justify doing something wrong in the process? Surprisingly, it’s not just Phoenix who faces this dilemma and it’s that very issue that ultimately creates a bond between Lucas and Phoenix – sort of a shared secret – that allows them to overcome an issue that might have otherwise torn most people apart.

For a short story, I thought this one had just the right amount of backdrop to give it substance and even touched on a couple of heavy topics to bring an emotional element to the table along with a bit of humor and sexiness. The overall pace was quick but fitting for the storyline, and I still felt like there was some good slow burn while I got to know Lucas and Phoenix.

Let the title pull you in just like it did for me, and enjoy the creativity that takes you off the beaten path with this story. Very nice!



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