Review: Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow – Turn Up the Heat

51WzpbKzViLAuthor: Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★★ 


First impressions fool recently dumped Rory into thinking Shannon’s a walk on the wild side and the perfect way to get over a failed relationship. Shannon’s not about to argue. Not when Rory coaxes him into some of the hottest, roughest sex of his life. But who is Rory falling in love with? A fantasy lover or the real man?

Fighting to keep Rory happy, longing for romance as well as the steamy sessions that leave them bruised and breathless, Shannon’s got a lot on his plate even before family and friends complicate matters further.

There’s only one solution. Turn up the heat, and hope it doesn’t burn their relationship to the ground.


A hot and sexy romp on the wild side, this story was impossible to put down as I enjoyed every moment. It was all kinds of kinky with rough door-banging sex, an off-the-charts heat index, and two amazing characters.

When Rory sells his motorcycle to a guy named Shannon, he makes assumptions of who Shannon might be, just based on how he looks. After all, the guy is buying a motorcycle, right? And he’s a big, tall, muscular man with longish hair and a beard, so he must be into rough sex, right? And when he takes Rory up on his proposition for a one-night stand, it’s bound to be more than vanilla, right? What follows is a hot, up-against-the-wall banging in a somewhat public place that turns Rory’s world upside down. Little does he know, however, that it shakes Shannon’s world as well because the big guy is really not into kinky sex—he just went along with Rory’s suggestion—but what he got was so amazing he might be willing to do it again.

The two progress in their relationship, sometimes two steps forward and three steps back, though, as Rory is loving the sex, but not realizing how scared Shannon is about his own strength, and the possibility of hurting Rory, and also of how much he loves it. And then there’s Rory’s brother, Jude. Unfortunately, Jude comes between them—as he has with every one of Rory’s lovers previously—when the two move from just sex into what looks like it might become a relationship. Rory is overprotective of Jude, even though he’s actually older. He displays all the signs of a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome adult, his mother having given birth and then leaving him with his birth father who remarried and had Rory. So Jude is actually Rory’s half-brother, but the whole family overlooks that and has been trying to keep him out of trouble for years. Rory is worst of all—to the point of being controlling.
Shannon’s no-nonsense attitude goes a long way toward helping Rory see that he may be too invested in Jude, and Shannon’s relationship with Jude, who now works as an apprentice with him, is based on that no-nonsense attitude, to which Jude responds well. Unfortunately, along the way of their crazy sex life—but non-romantic relationship—Shannon finally breaks when Rory pushes things too far and he scares the hell out of the big man. And Shannon starts to think Rory doesn’t want what Shannon can offer outside the bedroom. Rory sees him as just a construction worker as opposed to Rory who is a professional. Or at least, that’s how Rory’s attitude appears to Shannon, who finally despairs that they’ll ever get to romance, love, and happy ever after.

After a spectacular breakup, the two call it quits, but when Jude gets into trouble again, this time he may be in too far over his head, and Rory knows the only man he can turn to for help is Shannon.

I loved these characters. They were very real and their relationship unbelievably rough and hot, and yet, there was more to it than sex and it was easy for readers to see that. The authors did a great job setting up the plot of the story, fleshing out the characters, including the secondary characters like Rory’s friends and family, and creating realistic life situations.

And a private aside to the author—thank you for your accurate depiction of a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. This is the first book in which my career choice has been mentioned in a respectable way. No shaming, no slamming of food choices—just a regular human being interested in helping people make healthy food choices and yet eating normally himself. Not a doc, just an average guy who pursued a degree and internship and now works in a respected profession. As an RD/N myself, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this depiction of Rory’s profession.

This was a 5 star story for me, and I’m looking forward to many more stories from these authors in the future. I highly recommend this one to all lovers of MM romance and if you have a yearning for a bit of kink, by all means, don’t miss this one.


Loose ID 

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